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Visitor Information from University of Colorado Hospital

Visit guidelines for families and friends

Visitors may need special permission to visit certain units and procedural areas of the hospital. Please check with the patient and his/her medical team for more information.

Visiting hours

We do not have set visiting hours. Family and friends are welcome to visit at any time, as long as the patient is OK with it. We do ask that only one person spends the night in the room.

Please note there will be times when people visiting will be asked to leave the patient's room for safety reasons.

Security Information

Visiting when you're sick

If you are sick, it probably is not a good time to be visiting anyone in the hospital. However, we know that under certain circumstances you may need to be here. In that case, consult with the nurses on the unit for specific instructions.

When to bring children

Children coming to visit in the hospital must be supervised at all times. We want them to be safe while they are here. Please check in with the charge nurse on the unit if you intend to have children visit.

Smoking areas

University of Colorado Hospital is a non-smoking facility.

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