Our Patients, Our Purpose

At UCHealth, we exist to help our patients live extraordinary lives. That’s why we’re just as committed to your health as we are to your healing. Just as dedicated to the pursuit of your staying well as we are to the pursuit of your getting well. And just as passionate about helping you enjoy the life you live outside our walls – as much as you do the time spent with us.

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Our Community

See how we serve our neighbors and fellow scholars through innovation, academic research, and access to care.

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Our Mission

We improve lives. In big ways through learning, healing and discovery. In small, personal ways through human connection. But in all ways, we improve lives.

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Our Patients

Get to know the extraordinary friends, fighters, conquerors, and success stories who inspire us daily.

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Moments to Shine

UCHealth teams up with our favorite community partners to celebrate those who inspire us most.

Music helps a family move forward.

Ellen McGrath met her husband, Johnny, at a Green Day concert in 2002. They fell in love, married and passed their love for music to their two children. In 2016, Ellen was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. She was given nine weeks to live if the cancer was left untreated, but care at UCHealth extended her life by 18 months.

Again walking proud after severe PAD treated.

Dina Altschul, a formidable basketball player in her youth, was once just days away from losing her leg due to peripheral arterial disease. Thankfully, Dina’s daughter connected her with an interventional cardiologist at UCHealth, who identified and repaired a severely damaged artery, allowing Dina to keep her leg.

Hockey fan puts melanoma worries on ice.

In 2011, Leland Fay was diagnosed with aggressive melanoma. Later, cancerous growths were discovered in multiple organs. 98 tumors were identified in his brain. Innovative gamma ray treatment at UCHealth successfully treated 97 of them, and precision surgery removed the other.

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