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Some patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) choose to perform dialysis for themselves, at home, rather than coming into a dialysis center three times a week. Home dialysis can be performed in either of two fashions: hemodialysis, in which blood is removed from the body and passed through a filter; or peritoneal dialysis, in which fluid is instilled into the abdominal cavity and the body’s own blood vessels are used as the “filter” to clean the blood.

Each of these forms of home dialysis provides more continuous therapy compared to in-center hemodialysis which, for many patients, results in an improved sense of well- being. Dialysis at home also provides for greater flexibility in one’s daily schedule, avoids the need for travel to a dialysis center, and- depending on the method of dialysis chosen- can eliminate the need for needle punctures.  Some patients will perform dialysis entirely on their own, some with the help of a family member.

Why the Home Dialysis Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital(UCH)?

The home dialysis clinic at UCH provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care for the home dialysis patient. This includes experienced physicians, nurses, dietitian and social worker). As a group, we work cooperatively with the patient and family to create a home dialysis regimen that is most compatible with the patient’s lifestyle.

The Medical Director, Dr. Isaac Teitelbaum, has over 25 years of experience in the care of home dialysis patients and is currently President-elect of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis. All the other personnel in the home dialysis clinic are likewise highly experienced with these treatment modalities. Our team works closely with the chronic kidney disease clinic and the kidney transplant team to carefully coordinate care for the home dialysis patients.

Overview of home dialysis