Metro Denver supportive oncology

Our programs and services are designed to help prevent or lessen the side effects caused by cancer treatments, and to help patients handle the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges they encounter during their care now and in the future.


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Oncology-trained registered dietitians can provide cancer patients with individualized cancer-specific nutrition consults, assessments and nutrition recommendations tailored to offset cancer side effects throughout treatment, such as changes in taste/ appetite, digestion concerns, and use of supplements/ enzymes. Also provided are nutrition resources, such as recipes, cooking classes, and educational seminars.

For more information/appointments 720.848.9266

Social work

Oncology-trained social workers can help cancer patients, caregivers, and families cope with and reduce cancer-related distress. They provide emotional support to address cancer-correlated concerns, such as family, work, and other areas of life. They also offer resources and referrals, such as support groups and community resources. Finally, social workers teach how to cope with chronic illness through individualized care plans.

For more information/appointments 720.848.9266


Oncology counseling services

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Oncology-trained psychologists and licensed clinical social workers can help cancer patients, caregivers, and families adjust to a cancer diagnosis; utilize evidence-based assessments and treatment approaches to create customized care plans; and treat cancer-related depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, pain, insomnia and other psychosocial concerns related to cancer treatment and survivorship. Services are billed through insurance.

For more information/appointments: 720.848.9266

For virtual care, patients must be located in Colorado at the time counseling services are rendered. We cannot provide care outside state lines.

Nurse navigation

Oncology nurse navigators will help guide you through the overwhelming, sometimes confusing journey that often accompanies a diagnosis of cancer. Navigators will teach you about your specific type of cancer and help you understand the information you receive from your doctors. They can assist with facilitating and coordinating initial appointments with oncology specialists, and they ensure that patients have access to timely care. Nurses can also refer patients to other useful resources within UCHealth and the community.

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For more information/appointments 720.848.9266

Cancer patient support groups

Our groups are a no-cost resource to provide a place for people living with cancer to share common concerns and receive emotional support in a confidential, supportive environment.

Support groups foster honest and compassionate communication among group members to aid in managing feelings of isolation and loss of control while coping with the uncertainties a cancer diagnosis may bring.

2nd Tuesday of the month
4 – 5:30 p.m.

4th Tuesday of the month
4 – 5:30 p.m. 

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Grupo de apoyo para pacientes hispanohablantes con cáncer
**Comienza el 26 de enero de 2023**

Nuestros grupos son un recurso sin costo que ofrece un lugar donde las personas que viven con cáncer comparten preocupaciones comunes y reciben ayuda emocional en un ambiente confidencial y de apoyo.

Los grupos de apoyo fomentan la comunicación sincera y compasiva entre los miembros del grupo para ayudarles a manejar sentimientos de aislamiento y pérdida de control, mientras enfrentan las incertidumbres que un diagnóstico de cáncer pueda traer.

Los temas incluirán asesoramiento financiero, bienestar espiritual, cuidados paliativos, beneficios en acción, nutrición con un nutricionista acreditado y comunicación familiar.

4º jueves del mes, de 12:00 p.m. a 1:00 p.m.

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Advanced cancer support group

The group is open to any patient with a Stage 3 or 4 cancer diagnosis.

Patients with cancer that has grown, spread into surrounding tissues, or into lymph nodes, as well as other body organs are all encouraged to participate. The goal is to create a community for people living with similarly staged diagnoses where people are able to come together to share and process the unique experiences that come with living with advanced cancer.

3rd Thursday of each month
Noon – 1 p.m. on Microsoft Teams

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Cancer caregiver support groups

Our caregiver support group is a free resource to let cancer caregivers discuss effects of caregiving on emotional, social, financial, physical, and spiritual well-being.

This group allows caregivers to talk and interact with other caregivers.

2nd Thursday of the month
4 – 5:30 p.m. (Anschutz Medical Campus)

4th Thursday of the month
4 – 5:30 p.m. (AMC)

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Quarterly survivorship series

Our 4-week, in-depth Survivorship Education and Support Series. We request that you attend all 4 weeks as they provide useful information that build off each segment. In addition to the information and resources, the goal is to also help set up a network and community for each of you to support each other and build off the resources we provide.

Use the “register here” link below for all sessions. Additional links will be sent each session day at 8 a.m. and one hour prior to the session.

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Sessions are held on consecutive Fridays, from noon to 1:30 p.m.

  • Week one: February 3 – What is Survivorship?
  • Week two: February 10 – Mental Health/Spirituality
  • Week three: February 17 – Nutrition for Survivorship
  • Week four: February 24 – After Care and Physical Symptoms

Writers workshop

This workshop is a no-cost resource available to cancer patients and their loved ones.

The workshop presents an opportunity to use creativity and expression as tools in coping with the ups and downs of the cancer journey.

2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
3 – 4:30 p.m.

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Brain tumor support group

This group allows people impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis to share and interact with others.

This group provides the opportunity to learn about how to deal with side effects and the most current and useful resources.

1st Tuesday of the month
5 – 6:30 p.m.

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Breast cancer support group

Our breast cancer support group is an educational support group for all breast cancer patients.

Group goals include:

  • Enhancing quality of life.
  • Building connections with a community of breast cancer survivors.
  • Exploring the role of mind, body, and spirit in coping with illness.

Some discussion topics are:

  • Coping strategies.
  • Fear of cancer coming back.
  • Depression or anxiety.
  • Family dynamics.
  • Body image.
  • Sexuality or intimacy.

3rd Tuesday of every month
3 – 4:30 p.m.

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Head & neck cancer support groups

The head and neck cancer support group allows people impacted by a head and neck cancer diagnosis to share and interact with others.

This group provides the opportunity to learn how to deal with side effects as well as about current and useful resources.

Highlands Ranch Hospital evening group
Last Tuesday of the month
6:30 – 8 p.m.

To receive the link and phone number to participate in this group, please email:
Head&[email protected]
or call 720-516-2061.

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Prostate cancer educational support group

Our prostate cancer support group provides a safe space for people impacted by a prostate cancer diagnosis to share and interact with other men who are at various stages of living with prostate cancer.

Nutrition, learning how to deal with side effects, and discovering current and useful resources are a large part of the offering of this group.

2nd Tuesday of every month
6 – 7:30 p.m.

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Trained oncology counselors offer six week sessions of group therapy for certain patient populations. To allow for deeper group connection, these groups are closed and committed, meaning the same participants attend all six weeks. Therapy groups are billed through your insurance and held virtually.

Current groups include:

  • Young Adults with Cancer – individuals ages 18-early 40’s facing cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.
  • Parents with Cancer – individuals with cancer who are raising children under age 18.
  • Advanced Cancer – individuals diagnosed with stage IV cancer.
  • Caregivers of Patients with Metastatic Disease – primary caregivers of a patient who has stage IV cancer.

To learn more and sign up for a therapy group, please call 720.848.9266

Managing Fears of Recurrence

Many individuals face anxiety and fears of cancer recurrence post-treatment. Individuals who attend this three-part therapeutic group class will learn:

  • How to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to manage anxiety and cope with uncertainty.
  • How anxiety manifests and its negative effect on mental health.
  • To get back in touch with your life goals and how to move forward post-treatment.

This group class is held virtually via MyHealth Connection and billed through your insurance. Classes are held three consecutive weeks for 90 minutes.

To learn more and register for the next class, please call 720.848.9266

Empowered Relief™ – Train your Brain Away from Pain!

Please join us for this two-hour virtual class to learn ways to manage chronic pain associated with cancer. You will learn strategies to decrease your pain and increase relaxation.

This class is held virtually monthly and will be billed through your insurance. The class is highly educational; you will not be asked to share personal information. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member!

To learn more and register for the next class, please call 720.848.9266

Our monthly educational series are designed to focus on common cancer related topics and is open to all cancer patients, caregivers, and their families. Topics include: nutrition, cancer fatigue, coping strategies for patients and caregivers, plus a multitude of related specialty topics.

For more information: 720.848.9266

Ask the expert

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1st Monday of the month: Noon – 1 p.m.
Virtual Access Only

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Wellness education

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2nd Wednesday of the month: Noon – 1 p.m.
Virtual Access Only

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Past group presentations to download


The CU Cancer Center provides survivorship care plans (SCP) for its patients who are in surveillance. A SCP is a document that summarizes a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and reasons to contact their health care teams. This document describes the recommended follow-up plan and contains wellness tips and resources. It is designed to be shared with your primary care team.

We also offer group-based meetings monthly; please see registration under support groups tab.

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For general information about survivorship, please contact
Carlin Callaway, DNP: [email protected] , or 720-848-3931

Palliative Care

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The goal of palliative care is preventing or treating the symptoms and side effects of a disease or its treatment as early as possible. Palliative care can assist with psychological, social, and spiritual challenges from a cancer diagnosis throughout treatment.

For more information/appointments 720-848-9264

BFitBWell cancer exercise program

This program provides supervised exercise during cancer treatment that has shown to decrease depression, anxiety, and fatigue. A personalized approach is used that helps increase strength, cardiovascular function, healthy habits, and quality of life.

For more information/appointments: 303.724.9202


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The CARE clinic

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UCHealth’s Clinical Assessment and Rapid Evaluation (CARE) clinic offers same-day visits to help manage and control symptoms including (but not limited to): nausea, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, pain, constipation, and rash.

For more information or appointments, visit the clinic page.

Oncology rehabilitation services

Comprehensive cancer rehabilitation is designed to address and/or prevent symptoms that affect daily life, such as: muscle/ joint pain, limb swelling (lymphedema), weakness, balance, fatigue, bowel/ bladder problems, memory problems, and sexual dysfunction and/or pelvic pain in women.

Offered through the UCHealth Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic – Anschutz.

Patients participating in a group cardiac rehabilitation session

Cancer-related fatigue program

The lack of energy/tiredness that comes from cancer, called cancer-related fatigue, is different from the fatigue of daily life. This program can assist patients in improving strength, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can help decrease fatigue, build up stamina, and can help reduce anxiety or depression.

Offered through the UCHealth Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic – Anschutz.

Community resources for cancer patients and caregivers

Click a logo below to visit that website.

camp Kesem logoIn our community, thousands of children facing the challenges of a parent’s cancer can escape the sadness and isolation that cancer creates and connect with peers who understand and are able to provide comfort and support.

Casting for Recovery logoCasting for Recovery (CfR) provides healing outdoor retreats for women with breast cancer, at no cost to the participants. The retreats are open to women with breast cancer of all ages, in all stages of treatment and recovery.

Epic Experience logoThrough its week-long adventure camps, regional meetups, and education programming, Epic Experience empowers adult cancer survivors, thrivers, and caregivers to live beyond cancer.

First Descents provides life-changing, outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. Our programs empower participants to climb, paddle, and surf beyond their diagnosis, reclaim their lives, and connect with others doing the same.

imerman angels logoImerman Angels envisions a world where cancer is not a solitary experience. Our mission is to provide comfort and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers through a personalized, one-on-one connection with someone who has been there.

Live by Living LogoLive By Living provides transformative outdoor experiences for cancer survivors and their caregivers. Our day hikes, snowshoe outings, and cancer survivor retreats are structured to help you build up your strength and stamina, to find solace in the beauty of nature, and make new friends with people who understand what you’ve been through.

reel recovery logoReel Recovery is a national non-profit organization that conducts free fly fishing retreats for men living with all forms of cancer.

Sites and Insights logoSites and Insights focuses on the emotional trauma caused by the cancer experience. We have a one-of-a-kind, award winning, innovative curriculum that heals emotional trauma by creating a sense of hope, peace, joy and empowerment.

Supporting Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers

Tobacco Cessation program

Male patient listening to doctor

The tobacco treatment specialist can help develop a plan to work towards reducing or quitting tobacco. The specialist will advise how to manage withdrawal symptoms, deciding which tools would be uniquely beneficial, and assisting in obtaining potentially needed medications.

For more information/appointments 720-553-4473


Cardio-oncology focuses on treating heart conditions in cancer patients and survivors. Cardio­-oncologists can discuss cardiac risk associated with certain types of cancer therapies and chest radiation.

For more information: Discuss with your provider and ask for a referral to a Cardio-oncology specialist.

Cardiac Testing Stress Test

Spiritual care

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Spiritual care professionals can meet to discuss spiritual concerns that may be experienced during cancer care.

For more information: discuss with your provider.

Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine offers complementary, alternative and conventional care that emphasizes the wellness and healing of the entire person through acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, mind/ body therapy, and spiritual counseling.

For more information or appointments, please visit the clinic page.


Genetic counseling

The Hereditary Cancer Clinic can assist patients through providing a variety of genetic services such as: genetic counseling, family history analysis, and genetic testing.

Visit the Hereditary Cancer Clinic – Anschutz page.

Laboratory staff working in genetic testing with test tubes



As a subspecialty that focuses on the fertility management in young cancer patients, oncofertility can offer pre-treatment collection and freezing of eggs, sperm, or ovarian tissues. Oncofertility may also assist with donor sperm or eggs when cancer treatment has impaired fertility.

For more information: Discuss with your provider and ask for a referral to the oncofertility specialist.

Please check back for information on upcoming Wellness Conference dates and schedule.

Conference files

Financial Case Coordination

A diagnosis of cancer takes a physical and emotional toll – and sometimes a financial toll as well. Financial Case Coordinators at UCHealth are available to help you navigate through these concerns.

For more information and a referral to financial coordination please call 720.848.9266

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Cardio-oncology Provider referral
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Educational series 720.848.9266
Genetic counseling Visit clinic page
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Nutrition 720.848.9266

Oncofertility Provider referral
Palliative care 720.848.9264
Psychology/counseling 720.848.9266
Rehabilitation services Visit clinic page
Social work 720.848.9266
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Support groups 720.848.9266
Tobacco cessation program 720.553.4473

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