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Matthew Taylor, MD
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Clinical Genetics and Genomics (MD)

The Adult Genetics Clinic, located at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver, serves the needs of adult patients and their families affected by genetic conditions.

Conditions we treat

  • Diagnosis of genetic conditions
  • Genetic consultation
  • Genetic counseling
  • Genetic testing

About your appointment

How to make an Adult Genetics Clinic appointment

  • Call 720-848-0782 and choose option 1
  • Genetic Counselor / Clinic Coordinator – Jean Jirikowic MS, CGC: 720-848-6521
  • Genetic Counselor – Emily Todd MS, CGC: 720-848-6589
  • Clinic Director – Matthew Taylor MD, PhD

What to bring

Information about genetic conditions in you or your family should be brought to the appointment. You may wish to fax this information to us in advance. Our fax number is 720-848-0469.

It is helpful if you review your family history with other relatives in your family so that you can share that information with the geneticist. In many cases using the Family History Checklist is helpful in collecting this family history information.

Please contact the clinic prior to your appointment to determine if additional medical records are necessary for your visit.