Biobank at the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM)

a partnership between UCHealth and University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

You could make an impact in the world of genetic research.

By donating blood samples at your next lab draw and allowing access to your medical records to the biobank, researchers can learn more about what will help better fight the diseases that affect you, your loved ones, future generations and the community at large.

With more participants in the biobank, we get a more comprehensive view of how genes affect our health.



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Participation is easy and no extra appointments are needed.

  • Read and sign the biobank consent form in your My Health Connection patient portal.
  • The next time your doctor orders a blood draw, an extra blood sample will be conveniently collected for the biobank at no cost to you.

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Frequently asked questions

The goal of personalized medicine is to choose the right treatments for each patient based on their unique genetic makeup. By studying large, diverse samples of various peoples’ genetic material and health records, researchers hope to find new ways to detect, treat and even prevent or cure disease. Through research that is conducted at our biobank, we hope to make discoveries that will allow us to treat patients on an individual level. The more samples we have, the more successful we will be in studying how genes impact human disease.

The biobank will assign a code to your sample before storing it in our facility. CCPM may send your sample to one of our partners for genetic testing or additional research opportunities. If we find information about your genes that may affect your risk of disease, response to certain medications or any disease carrier status, these results may be returned to your UCHealth medical records. Not all diseases are tested for, and it may take several months or years before any results are returned to you, if at all. We may also contact you with updates, information and opportunities to participate in other research studies.

You can withdraw from the biobank at any time, for any reason. However, any information that has already been used for research cannot be discarded. If you decide you no longer want to participate, or have any questions, please contact the study team on the biobank hotline at 303.724.9944 or email us at

Your privacy is of the utmost importance at CCPM. We follow federal privacy laws and health care regulations to protect your information. Any data shared through our partnerships is de-identified so that no personal or identifying information on biobank participants is included.

Visit our CCPM FAQ page for more in-depth information.

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