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After hours on-call clinical support: 720-848-0000

Our world-renowned, multidisciplinary team specializes in treating the two main types of lung cancer:

  • Non-small cell lung cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma
  • Small cell lung cancer

can-lung-stockWe are also experts in treating other cancers of the respiratory system and related cancers, including:

  • Malignant mesothelioma
  • Thymoma and thymic carcinoma
  • Small cell cancer in other body sites
  • Chest sarcomas
  • Pulmonary carcinoid tumors
  • Other rare thoracic cancers

For patients requiring input of multiple different treatment experts (surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology), our multidisciplinary clinic offers a rapid, convenient “one stop shop.”

Comprehensive lung cancer care

Just as important as finding the best team of physicians, nurses and staff is finding a team of people who know that cancer is more than a physical disease, and are committed to treating each patient as a whole person.

At the CU Cancer Center, the same caring team of doctors and support professionals will be with you throughout your entire journey.

  • Your team is made up of experts from many fields who specialize in thoracic oncology: thoracic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, social workers and counselors. They review your test results, your progress and discuss the next best step in your care with each other and with you.
  • All your records, consultations, test results and all the provider notes about you and your treatment’s history are in an electronic medical record, available to all the doctors within the University of Colorado Hospital system. Any of them may be called in from all our specialties to help treat you and your condition.
  • You also have access to complementary and alternative medicine through our doctor-led Center for Integrative Medicine.

We’re proud to say that cancer treatment at UCH includes compassionate support and education for you and your entire support network.

Advanced research and treatment

As the regional leader in cancer research, treatment and support, you get specialized care not available anywhere else in Colorado.

  • World-renowned experts in cancer diagnosis and staging, which are the first steps for getting proper cancer care.
  • Patients are treated in facilities specifically designed to protect weakened immune systems.
  • Access to many new treatments, including the latest drugs and vaccines for treating lung cancer and increasing life expectancy, through our involvement in clinical trials.
Get second opinions and remote second opinions

The University of Colorado Cancer Center is a nationally recognized center for second opinions regarding all aspects of lung cancer and other thoracic cancers.

To schedule your second opinion consultation, call 720-848-0300.

What to bring to your second opinion appointment

Our second opinions are based on our review of all available information, including comprehensively re-reviewing all scans and tests.

Please bring all medical records dating back to your diagnosis to your second opinion appointment. Ideally, these should also include your scans on CDs and the actual tumor specimen on microscope slides. The doctors who have looked after you already should be able to provide these for you.

Our remote second opinions program

If you would like a second opinion from our team but cannot immediately come in for an appointment, or live far from our Anschutz clinic, please read about our Remote Second Opinions program.

Cancer team

Your lung and chest cancer team

We take a true multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer. That means we bring a number of cancer specialists – including thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, social workers, counselors and more to review your case, follow its progress and develop ways to achieve the best results.

Being at an academic medical center allows many of these professionals to subspecialize – in other words, they focus solely on lung and chest cancers. That generally means they not only know the latest proven treatments and research, but they are often on the forefront of discovering them.

Lung Cancer Colorado Fund

Overseen by the physicians and scientists of the University of Colorado’s Lung Cancer Program, the Lung Cancer Colorado Fund is used to support many different needs of the University and UCHealth’s combined fight against lung cancer.

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