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Because we are in a health care setting, masks are still required in all facilities, even if you’re vaccinated. Thank you for helping keep our patients and staff safe.

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Integrative Medicine is the combination and coordination of conventional and complementary medicine. The focus is on treating the entire person and defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. By blending the best elements of complementary medicine and lifestyle approaches with conventional Western care, the UCHealth Integrative Medicine Center – Central Park provides a safe and holistic approach to health care. We treat patients with serious diseases to optimize wellness as well as healthy patients who want to prevent disease and maintain wellness.

Conventional Western medicine focuses on specific diseases or conditions and works to find methods—many times pharmaceutical or surgical—to treat them. Typically, doctors who practice conventional medicine place the majority of their focus on the patient’s physical health.

A complement to your primary physician.

Treatment offered at the Integrative Medicine Center should be thought of as a complement to the conventional care provided by your primary care physician. While our therapies are unique and can have exciting results, they are best used alongside conventional care. Our practitioners work at their highest level when they are able to communicate openly and freely with your physician. After your health and wellness visit, a note is sent to your primary care physician.

Complementary medicine is the practice of using integrative therapies to complement conventional care.

What is a health and wellness visit?

A health and wellness visit is your introduction to the Integrative Medicine Center. A physician will discuss your questions, concerns and goals as they relate to your personal wellness and guide you through our services and self-care strategies to help you meet your health care goals. Anyone can benefit from an appointment; our therapies and lifestyle approaches can be adopted to fit a wide variety of needs. If you have an interest in maintaining or improving your health or managing a chronic illness in a safe, coordinated environment or if you have questions regarding conflicting information you’ve received about complementary medicine, please call to set up a health and wellness visit today.

Promoting self-care.

To coincide with treatment, we encourage self-care for all of our patients. It is important for patients to make lifestyle changes (exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.) to assist in their recovery and to maintain good health. Proactive self-care will give you greater control over your health and will allow you to be less reliant on medication or other therapies.

An optimized approach to personal wellness.

The wellness and healing of the whole person—mind, body and spirit—is at the core of the vision and philosophy of the UCHealth Integrative Medicine Center – Central Park. It is our desire to draw on complementary medicine, as well as conventional Western care, to offer a holistic, comprehensive and individualized approach to personal wellness. Our goal is to dissuade patients from potentially harmful treatments and to provide truly safe and effective therapies. To best promote healing and to actively engage patients in their own health care, we encourage lifestyle approaches and self-care regimens.

What makes us unique?

The Integrative Medicine Center is the first of its kind in the region. Housed within the UCHealth Central Park Medical Center, we go beyond offering stand-alone complementary medicine services. We emphasize the importance of finding the correct balance of therapies, lifestyle changes and conventional treatments for each of our patients. Our board-certified physicians and their colleagues develop and supervise treatment plans in coordination with the patient’s current conventional care. Our professional practitioners work in concert with one another, and in full communication with the patient’s primary health care physician, to provide the safest and most effective health care possible.

Mindful Eating Healthy Nutrition program

Are you interested in losing weight? Learning more about how to break unhealthy habits in food choices and eating behaviors? Gaining skills in mindful approaches to healthy living? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, UCHealth’s Center for Integrative Medicine has a program that may be for you.

We are offering a Mindful Eating Healthy Nutrition Group visit program for adults. This program will begin soon. It consists of ten weekly group visit classes, co-led by a physician and clinical psychologist with expertise in healthy eating, mindfulness, and clinical management of overweight, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome.

Our services

Our providers emphasize the wellness and healing of the whole person, keeping in mind the interconnectedness of your mind, spirit, and body.

View/download our brochures to learn more:

Also, ask about the integrative medicine services available at UCHealth’s Lowry internal medicine location.

Other specialty providers


Daisy Dong-Cedar, LAc

Daisy Dong is the senior Chinese medicine practitioner and an original member of the Integrative Medicine program of UCHealth. She received her medical degree from the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and finished her acupuncture fellowship at Dongzhimen Hospital in 1990. She also received three Master’s degrees in International Health, Health Administration, and Oriental Medicine in the United States.

She was a professor at Southwest College of Acupuncture 1999-2014, teaching Clinical Herbal Pharmacology and Integrative Traumatology. She has been a clinical faculty member of the CU School of Medicine for an elective course of Integrative Medicine since 2005. Her background includes training and experience in all components of TCM including acupuncture, herbology, Tai Chi, Qi gong as well as allopathic general medicine.

Ms. Dong has experience treating acute and chronic pain, GI disorders (IBS, GERD, and chronic pelvic pain), skin conditions, stroke rehabilitation, infertility (male and female), and women’s health. She has a special interest and expertise for migraine headaches as well as cancer support care.

Nancy Nguyen, LAc

Nancy’s background includes undergraduate studies in biology. She is also a certified massage therapist.

She attained her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine degree from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in August 2006. She is board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine since 2006. She continued on and attained her clinical doctorate (DAOM) at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Nancy completed an internship at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine consisting of learning advanced acupuncture techniques specializing in motor impairments, neurological disorders, and pain therapies. She also completed a women’s health internship with Claudia Citkovitz, L.Ac in Brooklyn, New York’s Lutheran Hospital assisting in the Labor and Delivery department with acupuncture.

Nancy’s specializations are in internal medicine with emphasis in women’s health, acute pain and chronic pain syndromes, sports medicine and integrative cancer care.

When she is not at UCH’s Integrative Medicine Center, she is likely having fun with her husband and two young daughters or is at the gym doing body weight training. She also maintains a private practice.

Ban Wong, LAc, PhD

Dr. Wong is a second generation doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Growing up in China, he studied Chinese medicine with his father who is a teacher and a master of TCM. He also studied Tai-Chi, Qi-gong, Feng Shui, and Reflexology with renowned masters in Peking, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

After moving to Los Angeles, Dr. Wong earned his bachelor’s from the University of California, Los Angeles. A few years later, he completed his master’s and Ph.D. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in California.

Sharing his passion, Dr. Wong taught Tai Chi for Wellness Centers and he was a professor at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to being licensed in California and Colorado, Dr. Wong is certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by the National Certification Commission (NCCAOM).

He currently spends three days a week as researcher, staff acupuncturist and herbalist at the Center for Integrative Medicine at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital. He practices integrative cancer care, pain management, anti-aging, fertility enhancement, general pediatrics, TCM nutritional and herbal therapy.

Dr. Wong is the designated acupuncturist for Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. He also maintains a private practice in Denver.


Piper Gould, BS, LMT

About me

Being a massage therapist for UCHealth’s Integrative Medicine Center is fulfilling as well as challenging. I enjoy providing a service that brings a smile to almost every person I treat. Every day I am learning about different medical conditions and how I can apply massage therapy to improve one’s state of well-being and encourage healing.

Health maintenance and promotion are words I live and practice by. I enjoy being healthy by eating well, exercising daily, practicing moving meditation, and relaxing with friends and family. These assets in my life are wells that I always keep full.

Clinical interests

I am dedicated to working within the cancer patient population. Cancer treatments can be life altering and difficult physically and mentally. Oncology massage is a safe and nurturing treatment for the body and mind during and even after treatments have ended. Each session is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs and requirements. Oncology massage may reduce pain, improve sleep, encourage digestion, decrease nausea, and improve an overall sense of well-being.

Ann Mathews, LMT

Philosophy of care

Massage therapy can help you become aware of tension in your muscles. Muscle tension can be caused by emotions, patterns of activity, and postural imbalances. I will decide on the best treatment for you accordingly and will give you the information you need to be an active participant in your path toward wellness. I have worked with patients with varied health concerns including acute and chronic pain, neurological diseases, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, anxiety, joint replacements, and cancer.

Clinical interests

I am interested in empowering patients to advocate for themselves within the health system and to offer my patients the resources and knowledge they need to take steps towards health and self-care.

Research interests

Research that shows the cost effectiveness of massage therapy could change the policies of the insurance industry and make massage therapy available to more people.


Kristina Comer, RD

My interests are chronic disease prevention and treatment, weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition, IBS, and general wellness.


Monica Nuffer, PharmD

About me

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, woodworking, the great outdoors, and spending time with my wonderful family.

Philosophy of care

As an Integrative Medicine provider, I believe that everyone should strive to have a good personal and professional life balance, where each of us has balance in our health, love and mind/body connection.

Clinical interests

My particular interests include health and well-being for all patients. I love to provide individualized consults where I evaluate and explain the safety and efficacy, as well as pros and cons, of different herbs and supplements that you might be taking or considering taking. I take your complete medication profile into account, screen for interactions and duplications, and help to optimize pharmacotherapy treatment.

Research interests

I am interested in all aspects of health and wellness in patients taking herbal supplements. I also have a special interest in education and delivery of knowledge to future providers.


Felicia Greher, PhD

Dr. Greher received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Texas in 2006.

She has provided psychotherapy and assessment services across a variety of settings including hospitals, community clinics, rehabilitation centers, university counseling centers, and private practice. Locally, she has worked at the Denver VA Medical Center, the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, and the University of Colorado-Boulder Counseling and Psychological Services. She currently maintains her own private practice and is an associate psychologist at a family forensic psychology group practice.

Dr. Greher treats patients experiencing complex psychological and medical conditions including adjustment to acute or chronic illness or disability, stress and anxiety, depression, trauma, eating and body image issues, infertility, and perinatal and postpartum concerns. She also enjoys helping family members and health-care providers cope with stress, adjustment, or grief and loss.

She uses a relational therapy approach that integrates mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral interventions to empower clients to proactively respond to their challenges and approach their health and wellness more holistically.

Carrie Landin, PhD

evre podcast graphic
Listen to Dr. Carrie Landin talk about the importance of relationships on The evrē Podcast.

About me

I love spending time with my husband, my two children, friends and family and my 82 pound golden retriever, Reggie. I run ultra-marathons, do weekly yoga and have a podcast about influential women in history.

Philosophy of care

Good mental health is not a privilege only some should have. It’s a right for all. As an Integrative Medicine psychologist, I strive to help everyone who sees me achieve their best mental health through mind-body therapy approaches. These approaches help people improve their physical, cognitive, social and emotional health through cognitive, behavioral and relational techniques.

I also work with people to improve their positive health behaviors such as increasing exercise, improving diet, improving relationship dynamics, adhering to health care plans and engaging in effective self-care. I’ve been at the UCHealth Integrative Medicine Center for 10 years, and I’ve experienced tremendous fulfillment and enjoyment in this work. I love what I do.

Clinical interests

I use mindfulness-based psychotherapy for chronic pain, anxiety, adjustment to illness and grief and loss. I’m also trained to use heart rate variability biofeedback for pain and stress management.

Research interests

I’m currently involved in mindful eating groups for weight loss and weight loss maintenance study. I have a strong interest in researching many aspects of integrative mental health and clinical health psychology.

Meredith Shefferman, PhD

evre podcast graphic
Listen to Dr. Meredith Shefferman talk about the health benefits of mindfulness and meditation on The evrē Podcast.

I completed my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University in 2006. I have worked in several clinical settings, including eating disorder treatment centers, university counseling centers, outpatient hospital clinics, and in private practice. Prior to joining the staff at the UCHealth Integrative Medicine Center in 2014, I was the Assistant Director and Training Director of the University of Northern Colorado Counseling Center. I love being a part of the multidisciplinary treatment team at Integrative Medicine and strongly believes in holistic, mind-body treatment.

I am passionate about women’s mental health care and utilizes a holistic approach to help patients achieve improved health and wellness. She has developed expertise in treating women during pregnancy and postpartum and this is an area of particular interest. I use mindfulness-based interventions with a strong relational approach for treating individuals with several conditions, including: stress and anxiety disorders, PTSD/trauma, adjustment to acute or chronic illness, chronic pain, burnout, work-family balance, grief and loss, disordered eating and body image difficulties, infertility, and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. I also have completed Level 2 training in EMDR and is trained in heart rate variability biofeedback.

In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, I also facilitate group psychotherapy. I have co-facilitated several Mindful Pregnancy groups, general Mindfulness groups, and a Mindful Eating and Healthy Nutrition group. I also like to engaged in research with the perinatal population.

Joanne Whalen, PsyD

About me

I enjoy travelling, photography, and spending time with my family doing just about anything outdoors in Colorado.

Philosophy of care

I am a clinical psychologist with passion for helping individuals live their best lives, particularly in finding quality of life in the face of illness, pregnancy/postpartum, and stress and anxiety. I have a long history of working in healthcare settings and with medical populations including oncology, HIV/AIDS, primary care clinics. I have a particular interest and expertise in working with women during pregnancy and postpartum.

Lastly, growing up in a family of medical providers, I have a passion for supporting healthcare care professionals. I provide CBT and mindfulness-based treatments as part of our interdisciplinary team in Integrative Medicine.

Clinical interests

Mindfulness-based treatments for stress/anxiety and management of illness, treating women during pregnancy and postpartum, treating/supporting healthcare professionals.


Carolyn Valdez, RN, BSN, C-IAYT

About me

I am passionate about holistic and global health and love to travel. I speak both English and Spanish, one of my life goals. I am inspired spending time in the outdoors skiing and hiking with my husband, two children and my dog, Nacho.

Philosophy of care

Yoga therapy improves health and well-being through the application and the teaching of the practices of yoga. An ancient practice that now complements modern medicine, as a yoga therapist I am here to help guide you to discover your best self in body, mind and spirit.

Clinical interests

My interests include individual yoga therapy and group therapeutic yoga. I have a special interest in yoga for oncology patients, chronic pain patients and those living with chronic disease including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Your appointment

Schedule your appointment.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Integrative Medicine Center at our clinic number above. Appointments can be made Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m., with limited evening appointments available.

Insurance and payment.

Some of our services, including our health and wellness visits, are covered by major health insurance plans with the appropriate authorization from your provider. In those instances, when services are covered, and University of Colorado Health is a contracted provider, we will work with you to obtain necessary authorization from your insurance company. If your insurance will not cover your visit, we will let you know about any charges in advance.

Cancellation policy.

The staff at the Integrative Medicine Center strives to provide patients with exceptional service. To do that, we request a four-hour cancellation notice when you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment.

After-hours questions.

  • If you have an emergency situation, please call 911 or go to your local emergency department.
  • If you need immediate attention or have an urgent medical question outside regular hours, please contact your primary care physician.
  • If you have general questions about the care or services you’ve received at the Integrative Medicine Center and it is after hours, please call us and leave a message. We will typically return your call the next business day.
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