The Center for Advancing and Developing Education Through Simulation (CADETS) is a medical simulation center located at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs. The Center is housed in what once was a labor and delivery unit. Each of the Center’s rooms mirror actual care settings and are fully functional. The simulation center also has two state-of-the-art classrooms for didactic use. CADETS is the largest hospital-based simulation center in Colorado Springs.

What is medical simulation?

Medical simulation is an innovative training method in which robotic high-fidelity simulators are used to train allied health professionals. These simulators have the ability to provide feedback to the learners by talking, breathing, coughing and through many other physiological changes. When utilizing medical simulation, learners have the ability to practice critical thinking and technical skills in an environment that does not pose a risk to real patients.

Remote simulation

CADETS also provides simulation opportunities to areas outside of the Center, including hospital unit-based training, offsite training for UCHealth partners, as well as other community-based healthcare partners.


Take a video tour of the CADETS facility