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UCHealth Supplier Gateway

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UCHealth is committed to ethical behavior and sound business practices in its dealings with vendors and their representatives. To that end, we have made available our:

These documents, as well as other credentialing requirements, must be reviewed and acknowledged where applicable at https://www.intellicentrics.com/. Vendors are required to create their own personal vendor profile in Reptrax and submit required credentials in order to gain access privileges and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Please contact our Purchasing Department if you have any questions regarding our policies. We will direct you to the correct contact person in the respective department for that location.

Hours of operation for UCHealth Purchasing: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays.

  • Northern Colorado: 970.684.4000
  • Metro Denver: 970.684.4000
  • Southern Colorado: 719.365.5000