Forensic Nurse Examiner Program at University of Colorado Hospital – Anschutz

We are a comprehensive medical forensic program, founded in 2017.

A forensic nurse examiner (FNE) provides specialized care for patients who are experiencing acute and long-term health consequences associated with victimization or violence.

Program locations: UCH at Anschutz and UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital

About us

Helping patients affected by violence

We see all patients affected by violence, which can include sexual assault, physical assault, domestic/interpersonal violence, human trafficking, elder abuse, adolescent abuse, strangulation, gunshot victims, stabbing victims, and vehicular assaults.

Patients who are affected by violence need specialized care, and forensic nurse examiners (FNEs) have received that training. They are dedicated to improving lives and patient health outcomes through a comprehensive and thorough medical exam.

We offer a private forensic suite where our patients can be cared for in a safe, secure, and quiet location. This suite was made possible by the generosity of the UCHealth Foundation.

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The medical forensic exam

For all patients that we are consulted on, an FNE will complete a medical forensic examination, which includes:

  • Getting a detailed patient history.
  • A thorough physical assessment.
  • Photography and documentation of wounds/injuries.
  • Evidence collection.
  • Assistance with reporting to police (if patient chooses).
  • Connection to community resources such as counseling and victim’s advocates.
  • Referral to our Infectious Disease clinic.
  • Safety planning.
  • Concussion screening.
  • Relationship lethality screening.
  • Assessment of any medication needs, including medications to prevent sexually transmitted infections and HIV, emergency contraception, and immunizations.

Patients may complete some or all of the exam depending upon their comfort level. Our number one priority is to ensure the patient is safe and healthy.

Reporting sexual assaults

In the state of Colorado, patients between the ages of 18-69 have three reporting options:

  • Law reporting.
  • Medical reporting.
  • Anonymous reporting.

Patients will not be forced to speak with the police, and they may request that their name and other identifying information not be given to the police.

For more information, see: Reporting Algorithm

Additionally, a 30-minute training video outlining each of the reporting options is available to help alleviate any confusion regarding reporting options in Colorado: Reporting Options video

New! Outpatient follow-up clinic

Our forensic program is excited to announce we are starting an outpatient follow-up clinic in April 2021! This clinic will reevaluate patients that have already had a medical forensic exam to ensure that injuries are healing. We can also discuss safety planning, repeat any screenings to assess for improvement, such as concussion, and assist with community resources.

We also have the ability to reevaluate patients via virtual visits if the patient is unable to come to the hospital campus.


You Have the Right Colorado

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

Division of Criminal Justice, Colorado

Violence Free Colorado

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

The Blue Bench

Colorado Crisis Services

Colorado Coalition for Elder Rights and Abuse Prevention

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center

The Phoenix Center at Auraria

Contact us

Christine Foote-Lucero, Forensic Program Manager
[email protected]

Dr. Christina Yannetsos, Forensic Program Medical Director
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Erin Aschman, Forensic Program Assistant Manager
[email protected]

Contact Us at 720.848.8451