Virtual health services at UCHealth enable exceptional care well beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics. Virtual health allows community-based hospital care teams and clinics to access specialty care remotely. This capability helps keep patients in their local community, eliminating the expense of long distance travel and overnight stays. In addition, patients have access to our world-class expert providers from the comfort of their own home with our Virtual Urgent Health services.

Virtual Urgent Care

Virtual Urgent Care visits are available for patients who have access to a computer or mobile device with a webcam.
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Virtual Health Center

The Virtual Health Center is staffed by experienced physicians, nurses and technicians who monitor patients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

These providers observe patients through the use of highly sensitive cameras and speakers in the patients’ room. Complex algorithms continuously evaluate a patient’s condition, and alert the Virtual Health Center when readings indicate possible problems. The Virtual Health Center team then confers with the care team at the patient bedside.

The Virtual Health Center care team provides surveillance and monitoring for the following:

  • Safety View for monitoring of patients that have a high fall risk and require additional watching
  • Virtual ICU observation for surveillance of patients in an intensive care unit
  • Continuous vital sign monitoring for higher acuity patients.
  • Cardiac telemetry monitoring
virtual intensive care unit at UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital
Jen Dessauer, a critical care nurse in UCHealth’s Virtual Intensive Care Unit, in front of a bank of monitors she uses to help keep patients in the ICU at UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital safe. (Click image to read the UCHealth Today story)

Emergency Virtual Health

Emergency Virtual Health enables specialists to consult with local Emergency Room physicians via video conferencing to help with specific patient emergencies such as stroke or burn.

We currently have a very robust telestroke program to help hospital ED physicians across the state of Colorado and southern Wyoming treat stroke patients in record time, saving every precious brain cell possible. Virtual Health allows neurology specialists to provide expert guidance to community hospital providers. These providers can now keep, and treat, many stroke patients they may not have been able to before.

If a patient needs more advanced care, we transport that patient to one of the country’s best Comprehensive Stroke Centers.

Our Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit, among the first deployed in the country, uses virtual health to bring neurologists right to the patient’s home to begin treatment faster than ever before.

Virtual Rounding

Virtual Rounding allows our clinical specialists to virtually treat patients in their own community hospitals.

Upon referral from the admitting physician, specialists, case managers, dieticians, wound care nurses, and other clinical professionals can virtually treat patients, reducing the need for those patients to be flown hundreds of miles from their homes. We find that these patients recover faster when surrounded by loved ones.

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