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Living Well With Chronic Conditions

You are in charge of your health with Enhance Wellness

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

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Estes Park Class - Free

Apirl 15 - May 20 (Wednesdays)
1:30-4 p.m.
Wasson Room at Estes Park Library
335 E. Elkhorn Ave.
Call 970-586-2343 to register

If you have a chronic condition, the idea of feeling well may seem like only a dream. When pain, fatigue, medications and doctor visits rule your life, realizing that dream can be difficult.

The Enhance Wellness program is a proven, evidence-based program, full of tools to help you gain confidence and empower you to make changes and better manage your chronic condition.

Our Enhance Wellness team gives you guidance, education and support to make positive changes in nutrition, medication management, physical activity, symptom management and improve mental health.

The result: more days of feeling great, increased level of self confidence and empowerment.

Download the Enhance Wellness brochure and call 970-495-7335 to schedule.

Living Well self-management:

Living Well with Chronic Conditions
Living a healthy life with one or more chronic conditions involves learning self-management skills to help you function at your best regardless of your chronic condition. This class gives you practical skills and tools to help manage symptoms, set goals, problem solve, stay active and enjoy life.

Living Well with Diabetes
Would you like to increase your confidence and problem solving skills to better manage your diabetes? This six week program does not replace services from a diabetes educator. You'll learn goal setting, problem solving and tools to help you manage your diabetes and prevent or delay serious complications. Resource book included.

Living Well with Chronic Pain
Living with chronic pain is a daily challenge. This six week class presents different techniques and tools to help you better manage your pain so that pain doesn't control your life. You'll learn tips to help you better manage your symptoms and become more active and involved in life. Workbook included.


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