Healthy Hearts

Healthy Hearts is an outreach heart health screening and preventive education program.

Our purpose is to educate students, families, and adults about how to live heart-healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease.

We provide cardiovascular health screenings as a means to educate and empower students to make healthy choices and to identify children with elevated blood pressure and/or cholesterol for early intervention and motivation to develop heart-healthy lifestyles.

What we do

  • Conduct screenings to identify cardiovascular risks among elementary, middle, and high school students in northern Colorado.
    >> Schools served 2017-18
  • Provide a heart exploration and smoking lung demonstration.
    >> Heart Exploration
  • Participate in local and community events educating participants on the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Work with local school districts to advocate, promote, and advance school wellness.
  • Provide hands-only CPR education in conjunction with Poudre Fire Authority.
    >> Hands-only CPR
  • Advance stroke education, awareness, risk reduction and referral protocols as part of the Community Stroke Prevention Team.

For more information about Healthy Hearts, please call 970.624.1680 or email [email protected].

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Healthy Hearts in northern Colorado
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Healthy Hearts in southern Colorado