Trauma prevention

UCHealth’s trauma prevention outreach efforts include evidence-based programs to educate children and adults in order to help prevent injuries.

At Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs

Trauma Injury Prevention

Presented by Memorial Injury Prevention and Research Institute

At UCHealth Memorial we strive to reach the community and offer simple and effective ways to educate individuals of all ages on the best practices to be and stay safe. Our current TIPS (trauma injury prevention for schools) programs include a multitude of topics to educate the youth on such as healthy food and healthy behaviors, drug use, alcohol use, accidental and non-accidental trauma, recognition of emergencies, and how to self-advocate. Our TIPs (TIPS 1, TIPS 2, TIPS 3) classes are curated at different age ranges and fulfill the state education curriculum in those grade levels.

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For information about injury prevention programs at UCHealth Memorial Hospital, or to set up a presentation, please call trauma services at 719.365.2872 or send an email:

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