Sports medicine

No matter the season, Coloradans of all fitness levels are doing their best to keep in shape. At UCHealth’s multiple Front Range locations, our sports medicine specialists treat both competitive and recreational athletes for sports injuries and related conditions.

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Our specialists provide leading-edge treatment for a variety of conditions:

Services we provide

Among the sports medicine services we offer:

  • The latest imaging techniques, such as MRI technology, for precise diagnosis of bone, spine and other injuries. PET and MRI are also available at all clinic locations.
  • Advanced surgical techniques, including arthroscopic procedures for the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle.
  • Innovative rehabilitation therapies and techniques for musculoskeletal problems.
  • Injury prevention education.

Our specialized treatments

UCHealth partners with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. This means we have access to the latest proven treatments, which include:

The UCHealth difference

UCHealth is the official healthcare sponsor of university athletics in Colorado, treating athletes from the CU Buffaloes and DU Pioneers. We also treat elite athletes from the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies and other major league teams while our Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs is the official hospital for the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

But you don’t have to be a competitive or professional athlete to receive the same world-class orthopedic care they do. At UCHealth, our sports medicine teams specialize in results-oriented programs to get you back in motion.

Our orthopedic surgeons answer your questions about common injuries and how to stay injury-free. Our patients receive diagnostic tests and a physician’s evaluation on the same day in the same location.  We also offer the only women-specific sports medicine program in the state. And our fellowship-trained and board-certified team is ranked number one in Colorado by U.S. News & World Report.

Why sports medicine?

Sports medicine physicians have all of the qualifications of other doctors, but their extensive experience with sports-related injuries and wellness allows them to go above and beyond what a normal family doctor can do. For instance, sports medicine care providers often have training in nutrition and can help you change your diet to improve your health and athletic performance.

Whereas many family doctors are quick to recommend surgery for exercise or sports-related injuries, your sports medicine doctor may have more experience with alternative treatment methods that help you avoid going under the knife. Furthermore, a sports medicine specialist will be better able to help you stay fit and healthy while you’re recovering. In all, sports medicine offers you a more holistic way to reach your peak performance level and stay that way.

Sports medicine is not emergency medicine

It is important to note that sports medicine does not replace emergency medicine. If you, your child or a loved one experience an acute injury – such as a concussion or broken bone – it is best to go to the emergency room right away. Swelling, loss of consciousness and being unable to put weight on an injured body part are all signs of severe injuries that need immediate attention. You should not wait to see a sports medicine professional. However, our sports medicine team could certainly help you recover from an acute athletic injury.

At UCHealth, a multidisciplinary care team

Sports medicine healthcare providers come from many disciplines. They are usually certified in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics or surgery before they undergo further training in sports medicine.

At UCHealth, you’ll have access to a full range of specialists, including:

From diagnosis to treatment, from recovery to a return to sports, we have you covered.