Thank you for another season of putting smiles on faces, honoring UCHealth patients, and having FUN. We can’t wait until next year! It’s all in the Avs Family Values.

It’s the Avalanche fans who make the team a family—and UCHealth’s squad goals are clear: keep it one big, healthy one.
With the 2022-23 Avalanche season officially coming to a close, we love to look back on all the inspiration on and off the ice over the past seven months with our Avs Family.

At home with the Landeskogs.

Get a glimpse of Gabe, Melissa and the littlest Landeskogs living their healthiest Avs Family Values.

Keep your crew healthy.

Get moving in a group.

Hiking, swimming and playing soccer are fun ways for the whole family to fit in some physical activity.

Hydrate the whole family.

It’s important for all ages to get plenty of water throughout the day, especially when you’re playing together.

Sit down for family dinner.

A well-balanced meal is great for nutrition, and it’s more fun when you can catch up at the same time.

Set a good example.

Whether it’s parents or kids showing off what they know, healthy habits are easier to stick to when you see them in action.

Live extraordinary—and do it safely.

Keep family adventures fun with plenty of sun protection, healthy snacks, the right gear and a cooperative attitude.

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