UCHealth - Live like there is a tomorrow.
UCHealth - Live like there is a tomorrow.

Live like there is a tomorrow.

Still the same David.

David Schlicht

David grew up in Steamboat Springs and loved to be outdoors, whether it was for hiking, fishing, hunting or skiing. After a ski-training accident, David was faced with a choice: continue to have surgeries that may or may not lead him back to his normal life, or get a below-the-knee amputation that would have him walking again in weeks. For David, losing his leg was just a stop along the way.

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UCHealth - David Schlicht + Nelson Holland

David Schlicht + Nelson Holland.

David Schlicht and outdoor enthusiast/social-media star Nelson Holland (@fatblackandgettinit) team up to get outside for some shed hunting, a favorite pastime of David’s. Together, they show us their “can do” mindset and how to not let perceived obstacles stand in your way.

Yesterday didn’t define their todays.

Today’s care for tomorrow’s plans.