Physical health is so much more than looking good. It’s feeling good enough to go for that hike, sweat the stress away on your bike and chase the kids around the yard for years to come.

MANtenance Cooking Class with Justin Simmons x UCHealth

We partnered with Justin Simmons, an all-pro football player, to learn about making delicious food with fresh ingredients while discussing the importance of prioritizing men’s health, starting with the food we eat. Participants enjoyed their dishes and engaged with Justin Simmons in a Q&A, all while learning about the MANtenance initiative led by UCHealth. Check out the recipes here.

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MANtenance is a state of mind, and good mental health is vital to living a well-balanced life. It’s time to strengthen the most important muscle (OK, it’s actually an organ) in your body—your brain.

Who’s your mental health anchor?

Saddle up with Denver Broncos star Javonte Williams and Broncos veteran Nick Ferguson as they visit the CSU Temple Grandin Equine Center to talk horses, mental health and how having someone (horses included) to talk with about life is an important part of a healthy support system.

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Being active in your family life helps build a solid foundation for all your family members to be their healthiest selves too.

The recipe for a happy family.

Family is everything to Broncos veteran and NFL analyst Mark Schlereth. See what he has to say about being a dad and how, when it comes to family time, quantity leads to quality.

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