At UCHealth, we do things differently. We help people live extraordinary lives. Whatever your health situation, our team of caregivers is here to help.

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital (LPH) features the latest technology and innovation, including virtual ICU, virtual sitter service, and tele-psych for behavioral health services. Wearable technology allows us to monitor blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and oxygen level on a continuous basis without disturbing patients.

LPH is a new, 51-bed community medical center providing a wide range of treatments, surgeries, and diagnostic tests for the communities of Longmont, Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Erie and Mead.

Patient safety and care

Your safety and well-being is our primary concern.

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital embraces patient- and family-centered care and encourages you to participate in your care. Ask questions, let us know what you like, and speak up if you have a concern.

Here are a few things to expect while you’re a patient:

  • Our staff members will wash their hands before examining you. Regular hand-washing is the best way to prevent infections.
  • We will routinely double-check your name and wristband before giving you medicine, tests and procedures.
  • More patients than you might think have a high risk of falling, which can cause injury. If you are at risk for falling, a staff member will help you in the bathroom. Many falls in hospitals take place in the bathroom, and we want to keep you safe and healthy.
  • We will check your vital signs regularly, even at night. We promote rest and sleep, but we also need to wake you for check-ups requested by your doctor. We want to make sure you are safe and doing well. In certain areas of the hospital, patients are able to use wearable technology, which allows our team to monitor a patient’s vital signs without waking them, unless a patient is not able to wear the device due to medical reasons.

For your safety

Our security staff is here for you. If you’re coming and going from the hospital late at night and would like an escort to your vehicle, ask your nurse to contact our officers.

Our security staff would be happy to accompany you to your vehicle.

Visiting hours

Longs Peak Hospital does not restrict visiting hours to certain times of the day, unless warranted by the patient’s clinical condition.

Guests may receive visitors 24 hours a day. After 9 p.m. visitors can only enter the building through the emergency department entrance on the west side of the hospital.

Stop by the information desk inside the doors of the main entrance if you need assistance.

Public transportation

Public transportation and taxi service are available to Longs Peak Hospital. LPH does not provide transportation to or from the hospital.

Taxi service

Yellow Cab Longmont provides taxi service in Longmont. Call Yellow Cab at 720-227-5048.

Environmental health and safety

Longs Peak Hospital promotes environmental compliance and responsibility, emergency preparedness, and overall employee health and safety. This includes a focus on local, state, federal, and Joint Commission (accreditation) requirements and guidelines.

The Environmental Health and Safety department also works as an education and consulting resource for the hospital and the surrounding community.

LPH is a smoke-free campus

No tobacco of any kind, nor e-cigarettes, are permitted anywhere inside LPH or on the LPH grounds.

Need help to quit smoking? Visit Colorado QuitLine or the Boulder County – Public Health

Our services

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital is a Level III trauma center, able to care for serious emergency and traumatic injuries.

We provide cardiac catheterization, tele-stroke, and telehealth services. We also offer a wide range of primary and specialized health services, from surgery to birthing and neonatal intensive care to advanced cardiac care.

We feature an intensive care unit, medical/surgical unit, women’s care unit with labor and delivery rooms, as well as main operating rooms with robot-assisted surgery.

Our pharmacy, lab, and radiology services are available 24/7.

UCHealth Longs Peak Surgery Center, our new outpatient surgery facility, is right next door.

Patient and visitor information

Admission process

Once your doctor refers you for surgery or a procedure at Longs Peak Hospital, your doctor’s office typically will schedule a pre-admission appointment for you. This appointment is required before surgery.

Call 720-718-1082 as soon as possible to schedule your pre-admission appointment if your doctor’s office has not done so already.

During this appointment you will:

  • Meet with an admissions clerk to verify that all paperwork is accurate
  • Learn the total out-of-pocket expense of your procedure
  • Meet with a pre-admission nurse who will explain what to expect the day of surgery and which currently prescribed medications can be taken before the surgery

You may also complete any required diagnostic tests after meeting with the nurse. Ask your doctor if you can eat or drink before your appointment.

Staying at and visiting UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital

Whether you’re a guest or a visitor at Longs Peak Hospital, our goal is to deliver world-class care and customer service that exceeds your expectations.

Our doctors and nurses will make sure you receive the best possible care. Our staff and volunteers will do everything they can to make your visit comfortable. Our hospitals offer amenities such as free wireless Internet, parking and lounges.

If there’s anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here for you.

Food services

Longs Peak Café is our full-service cafeteria with a salad and soup bar, entrée bar, pizza, grill and more. The cafeteria is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. It is located near the main lobby, on the south side of the building.

For information about the day’s cafeteria specials, dial 720-718-1511.

>> See a sample menu.

Room service. If you prefer, you can order a tray from the room-service menu for $7 to be delivered to your guest’s room. You pay when the tray is delivered; we accept cash, credit, and debit cards.

Vending machines are located in the hallway near the café to provide food and beverages 24 hours a day.


Discharge planning

Leaving the hospital

The doctor’s order to discharge you is the first step in the discharge process.

Whether you are going home after you leave the hospital or you need some extra time to recover at a rehabilitation facility or nursing home, your doctor and our staff will work together to ensure a smooth transition from Longs Peak Hospital.

Your nurse, along with other members of the health care team, will provide you with after-care instructions (medications, activities, etc.) including follow-up appointments.

For your convenience, a member of our financial staff will come to your room for your check-out. If you have special needs, our case managers and discharge planners can provide you with local resources and more information.

Questions about your bill? Visit the UCHealth billpay site.


Lodging near Longs Peak Hospital

Longs Peak Hospital offers assistance with lodging options for out-of-town patients and their families. Our concierge service can help in advance with lodging.

Many local hotels offer rooms at a reduced rate and are located just a few minutes from the hospital.

Hotels near Longs Peak Hospital

Click here for a listing of nearby hotels and lodging.

LPH does not provide transportation to and from the hotels, but some hotels have their own shuttle.



Parking is free in our three patient and visitor lots. The lots are on the south side of the hospital and the Emergency Department lot is to the west.

>> Get a map of the LPH campus.

Birth Center parking. Parents-to-be can find easy, reserved ‘Birth Center’ parking spaces near the Emergency Department entrance on the south-west side of the hospital. Use these parking spaces if you’re in labor. One of our volunteers or staff will be happy to take you to the Birthing Center on the 3rd floor.


What to bring

Pre-admission appointment

Bring the following items to your pre-admission appointment:

  • A list of the medicines (prescription and non-prescription) you are currently taking, along with their dosage amounts and when you take them. You may bring the bottles or containers. Include supplements, vitamins, and herbs you routinely take. This medication form can help you create an up-to-date medication list.
  • Any forms you were asked to bring with you.
  • Your insurance information and Medicare card, if you have one.
  • A copy of your living will or advance directive, which will be placed in your medical record.

The day of your procedure or surgery

Bring the following items on the day of your surgery:

  • Insurance card and/or prescription plan card, and current photo ID.
  • Any additional papers given to you by your doctor’s office.

Other helpful tips

  • Leave your jewelry and valuables at home.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes you can put on easily when it’s time to leave.
  • Bring only a few personal items, such as a toiletry kit.

If you are having surgery and you need to bring a suitcase, please leave it in your vehicle when you get here. It can be brought to your room later.


What to expect

Participate in your care

We encourage you to participate in your care. Ask questions, let us know what you like, and let us know if you have a concern.

At UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital, we follow patient- and family-centered care principles, including:

  • We treat patients with dignity and respect.
  • We share complete and useful information with patients about their conditions and treatments in a way that is affirming.
  • We help patients and families remain in control of their care as much as possible.
  • Doctors, nurses, techs, and other staff work collaboratively with patients.

What to expect while you’re a patient

  • Staff members will wash their hands before examining you. Regular handwashing is the best way to help prevent infections.
  • We will double-check your name and wristband before giving you medicine or performing tests and procedures.
  • If you are at risk for falling, a staff member will help you in the bathroom, where many hospital falls happen.

We will check your vital signs around the clock. We promote rest and sleep, but we also need to wake you for check-ups requested by your doctor to assure you’re doing well. In certain areas of the hospital, some patients are able to use wearable technology, which allows our team to monitor a patient’s vital signs without waking them.


Spiritual help

If you need spiritual support, a hospital chaplain is always available to help. Chaplains provide spiritual encouragement and counsel as well as compassionate emotional support for people of all faiths.

Chaplain services

Office: 720-718-1021; Mobile: 970-576-6145

Or, you may ask your nurse to page the chaplain.

The reflection chapel is located on the second floor near the main staircase, across from the second floor waiting room. As a place for quiet meditation and prayer, it is always open.


In your room

We want you to be comfortable when you stay with us. If there is anything we can do to make your room more pleasant, please ask your nurse.

We provide the following services during your stay:

  • Bedside tablets. An iPad is available for you to order your meal, learn more about your medications, follow your lab results, and education about your hospital stay. iPads are available in ICU, the Birth Center, and the Medical/Surgical unit.
  • Internet access. Internet access is available via our wireless network.
  • Housekeeping. Our staff cleans your room daily. If you have questions, concerns, or special requests for our housekeepers, please dial x81056 within Longs Peak Hospital.


Patient rights, HIPAA, Advance Directives

You enjoy many rights as a hospital patient. Learn more about your patient rights:

LPH Patient Rights brochure

LPH Patient Rights brochure en español

Privacy (HIPAA) and your information

At your request we keep information about your hospital stay private and confidential, as required by federal law (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA).

One way we maintain your privacy is to set up a special password at your request. You tell us this password, which you may share with friends and family so they can find out how you’re doing. When callers give us your password, we can update them on your progress. If callers don’t know the password, we cannot tell them anything about your condition.

We’ll write your password on a note card for you to keep.

Advance directives

We can help you complete a Living Will or other advance directive at your pre-admission appointment. These legal documents spell out the care you want – or don’t want – in case you cannot make your own decisions and communicate them to us.

If you decide to complete an advance directive while you’re in the hospital, just ask your nurse to make arrangements.



Grievance process

Concerns regarding your care

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital strives to meet patients’ expectations for care and service in a consistent manner. Patients, or their personal representatives, have the right to submit a verbal or written complaint 24 hours a day.

Longs Peak Hospital and its governing Board have approved the following process to assist you with the complaint or grievance process.

Step 1: Prompt resolution for verbal complaints

If you voice a complaint to a Longs Peak Hospital staff member, and you are satisfied with the actions taken on your behalf, the complaint is considered resolved.

Step 2: Filing a grievance

If your verbal complaint is not promptly resolved to your satisfaction as stated in Step 1, or if you verbalize your request to file a grievance, or submit a written complaint, the complaint will be forwarded to the Longs Peak Hospital Patient Representative Office.

Complaints are received 24 hours a day at 720-719-1020. The patient representative will contact the patient within three (3) business days to acknowledge that it was received.

Medicare beneficiaries: If the grievance concerns premature discharge from the facility, the patient representative will immediately refer the grievance to the Care Coordination team.  The patient representative will forward quality of care concerns to KEPRO upon request.

Step 3: Investigation

The patient representative will conduct a review of the grievance in collaboration with Clinical Quality department and leadership from the area/unit at Longs Peak Hospital. The patient representative will provide you a written response regarding the grievance investigation within fifteen (15) business days from the time the grievance was received.

Step 4: Appealing the grievance

If you are dissatisfied with the quality review outcome, at your request, the grievance will be forwarded to the Longs Peak Hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or his designee for an appeal review.

The CEO or designee will investigate and provide a written response of his/her findings to you within ten (10) business days. The patient representative will contact you upon receipt of the appeal to acknowledge that it was received.

Step 5: Referral to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

If you remain dissatisfied with the CEO or designee’s response, at your request, the Patient Representative will forward the grievance and all-related reports to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Information regarding the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s investigation will be directly communicated to the patient by the state.

You may also file a grievance directly with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Health Facilities Division, or the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Longs Peak Hospital is also a Joint Commission-Accredited organization, which means patients may also contact the Joint Commission.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Executive Director Health Facilities Division 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 1-303-692-2800 or 1-800-886-7689, ext. 2800

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies:
303-894-7855 or 800-886-7675.

The Joint Commission
Office of Quality Monitoring One Renaissance Blvd.
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Toll free: 1-800-994-6610
Fax: 1-630-792-5636

For more information on Longs Peak Hospital’s grievance process, please contact the Patient Representative Office at 720.718.1020 or mail letter to LPH Patient Representative, 1750 E. Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, CO 80504

For referring providers

For transfers, direct admits and consultations

Call DocLine at 1-844-285-4555 for consultation and patient transfers.

UCHealth’s DocLine is staffed with registered nurses who are available 24/7 to assist and facilitate all phases of transfer and consultation, including physician-to-physician contact, registration, bed assignment, facilitation of patient transport, and RN-to-RN reporting.

DocLine can also help you schedule patients for surgery, imaging, etc.

Also, Longs Peak Hospital has a number of Hospital Medicine physicians who care for your patients while they are admitted to the hospital.

Epic at UCHealth

For referring providers and offices that are existing users, access Epic Provider Connection (read-only web portal access).

Ways to give

Donate to Longs Peak Hospital Foundation

As one of UCHealth’s world-class, not-for-profit medical centers, Longs Peak Hospital focuses on investing resources to improve the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors in the greater Longmont and St. Vrain Valley areas. The Longs Peak Hospital Foundation helps to provide value-added services not covered by insurance.

Through the generosity of individual, corporate, and foundation donors, as well as through grants, the Longs Peak Hospital Foundation provides funding to support innovative research and education, patient financial assistance, community health programs, and enhancements to patient care.

Private donations from community members enable us to bridge gaps in services, accelerate new advances in healthcare, and help thankful patients and families express gratitude. Many critically important services offered by UCHealth in northern Colorado would not exist without private donations.

100 percent of every donated dollar goes to the foundation’s philanthropic funds, with no overhead costs or administrative fees removed.

Make a donation to Longs Peak Hospital Foundation to support programs and services at Longs Peak Hospital, and health initiatives in our community.


Share your time and talents by volunteering at Longs Peak Hospital or other UCHealth sites in northern Colorado. Hundreds of community members are volunteers.

You’ll make new friends, enjoy a change of pace, gain a new perspective, learn more about health care and, most importantly, you’ll help the UCHealth effort to improve lives.

>> Go to our main Volunteer page to find out more about volunteer opportunities.


Please visit this page to see the leadership at Longs Peak Hospital.