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Comprehensive cancer treatment in Colorado Springs

If you’ve been diagnosed with a blood disorder or a solid tumor – such as of the breast, lung, colon or prostate – you want the most thorough, holistic and convenient treatment plan available.

At UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, we provide the highest level of multidisciplinary care. Our affiliation with the CU Cancer Center will link you to one of only 45 Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the U.S., as designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Whether your medical plan includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a combination of other support services, our clinic is ready to offer the expertise and support you need, from diagnosis to aftercare.

Leading-edge treatments

Our board-certified doctors and staff at the Cancer Care and Hematology Clinic offer a multi-specialist team approach to evaluating your blood disorders and cancers. We work with you to create an individually tailored treatment plan that lets you focus on getting the best possible care for your overall health needs and goals.

Plus, our clinic can offer eligible patients access to clinical trials and research, which can make treatments available to you years before they are widely used.

Cancer related clinics within Memorial Hospital Central

Navigating your cancer treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you can count on your nurse navigator to help you advocate for your best interests and be your partner on your cancer journey. All of our nurse navigators are certified oncology nurses with the clinical expertise to care for cancer patients. And they specialize in specific cancer diagnoses, so they are highly knowledgeable in the unique and complex challenges associated with the disease.

Contact an oncology nurse navigator today at 719.365.6845

Oncology nurse navigators can help:

  • Is your advocate throughout your cancer journey.
  • Coordinates, at all times, with your physician and other members of your care team.
  • Teaches you about your specific type of cancer and helps you understand the information you receive from your doctors.
  • Provides education about your specific treatment and helps plan your survivorship care.
  • Ensures that you have access to the services you require and makes prompt access to care as seamless as possible.
  • Is your source for education, information and support, including resources from Memorial’s cancer social work program
  • Connects you with support groups, as well as places to buy apparel, prosthetic devices and wigs.

Holistic care for all cancer stages, from diagnosis through recovery

Cancer doesn’t impact just people’s bodies – it also impacts emotional and mental well-being. Because UCHealth is dedicated to comprehensive, well-rounded care, the oncology social workers at UCHealth Memorial Hospital provide mental and emotional support, helpful resources and practical treatment support assistance. These services have proven impactful for our patients as well as their families as they go through their cancer journeys.

Emotional support

From diagnosis through treatment, you will experience a range of emotions, including anything from sadness to anger and fear, and our social workers can help you navigate them all. We offer:

  • Counseling for you and your family.
  • Stress-reduction techniques.
  • Help in navigating work or school attendance while in treatment.
  • Tips for living with cancer and resources to rely on in the long term.
  • Ways to cope with how cancer impacts intimacy, fertility and body image.
  • Plans for talking with your children, family, friends or coworkers.
  • Support for ways to approach life as a cancer survivor.

Treatment support

During treatment, numerous issues can arise, and our team can help you:

  • Access information so you can understand your treatment options to make appropriate treatment decisions.
  • Find support groups and community resources.
  • Talk with your treatment team.
  • Plan for future care through advance directives.
  • Access programs that offer financial assistance.

Support groups

There are a number of support groups to help those affected by cancer, both patients and caregivers. For the most up-to-date list, please call us.