Memorial Hospital’s radiation oncology practices are a key part of our cancer treatment services. Please call the clinic number for available midweek appointment times.

Get access to the Colorado’s top ranked cancer center

By receiving care at any of our facilities, you access the experts at University of Colorado Cancer Center in metro Denver, the only comprehensive cancer center in Colorado designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and one of just 45 in the country.

Leaders in cancer treating technology

Our radiation treatments use leading-edge technology to treat cancer using machines called linear accelerators. Our newest machine, the TrueBeam, offers treatment that has pinpoint accuracy. This new machine enhances our high quality care by improving upon treatment.

How it works

A linear accelerator delivers ionizing radiation beams to the body. Ionizing radiation is made of high energy waves that damage cancer cells and destroy their ability to grow. Targeted radiation shrinks tumors of all shapes and sizes.

Faster and safer

The TrueBeam can be used to treat virtually any type of cancer in any location on the body. The ultra-precise technology can treat more complex and more advanced cancers than older linear accelerator technologies. A complex radiosurgery that typically takes 30 to 60 minutes can now be completed in just five to 20 minutes with the TrueBeam.

The TrueBeam pinpoints radiation beam delivery with sub-millimeter accuracy, making it possible to radiate brain and other complex tumors without destroying nearby healthy tissue.