Faster is Better Our weekly GI multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) includes a highly specialized team of physicians, research staff, nurse navigators, genetic counselors and others. Our team rapidly evaluates each case, which reduces time to diagnosis and treatment plan consensus. This results in faster time to treatment.

The clinic visit typically includes:

  • The collection of information (e.g. radiology studies, lab tests, physician notes) prior to the clinic visit
  • A morning patient/family visit with a provider for an initial history and physical exam
  • Review by the multidisciplinary team and creation of a tentative treatment plan while the patient goes to lunch
  • A patient/family visit with the appropriate physicians, surgeons and care team members in the afternoon to discuss treatment plans

Improved Patient Experience

The clinic removes the burden for the patient to attend multiple and separate physician appointments and provides the opportunity to meet with the entire team of physicians all in one appointment. This means less scheduling and travel time for the patient.

Referring Providers Updated

Communication is provided from the initial appointment through treatment and aftercare.

Clinical Research

Each patient has access to new and innovative care. Each patient is evaluated for clinical trial eligibility. This provides access to cutting edge treatments, sometimes years before they are widely available.

GI Nurse Navigation

Each patient is linked with a nurse navigator specializing in GI cancers. This nurse will partner with the patient every step of the journey, providing education and emotional support as well as creating timely access to all specialists.


The clinic is offered to any patient with a known or suspected GI cancer. Providers may refer patients directly to the clinic.