Lung nodules – small masses of tissue in the lung – are quite common. Many nodules are benign, but your doctor will determine the best methods for diagnosing, monitoring and treating a lung abnormality.

The Lung Nodule Clinic at Memorial was designed in 2006 to rule out the most serious conditions quickly, and to provide ongoing follow up if necessary. Memorial’s clinic exceeds the national benchmarks for diagnosing and treating newly found lung nodules. We know that connecting patients quickly to treatment and resources is critical if a serious condition exists.

Our team includes a range of specialists, including pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons and thoracic nurse navigators.

What is a lung nodule?

In the video below, thoracic nurse navigator Lisa Allison, RN, BSN, OCN, explains what a lung nodule is, how a lung nodule is discovered, and notes the important next steps you should take when a lung nodule is discovered.

Identifying lung nodules

Patients of the Lung Nodule Clinic also benefit from the highest quality radiology and imaging services provided by Memorial. In the video below, Dr. Bruce Suckling explains how PET/CT scans work to identify and measure nodules.

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Nurse Navigation

Memorial Hospital’s nurse navigators are specially-trained oncology nurses who are experts in cancer treatment, cancer treatment planning, cancer information and personal support. Memorial’s nurse navigators have extensive knowledge of local and national cancer assistance resources and are dedicated to providing the patient and patient’s family with the support and guidance they need. Lisa Allison and Joshua Caiyem are dedicated to the lung cancer program.