UCHealth deploys breakthrough technology to improve treatment accuracy for heart failure patients

Pilot program with RxRevu’s Prescription Decision Support goes live this month in select UCHealth clinics
April 5, 2017


A photo of the campus of UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital
UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital. Photo by UCHealth.

Aurora, Colo. (April 5, 2017) – UCHealth and RxRevu are launching an innovative Prescription Decision Support platform that provides additional data to physicians at the point of prescribing medications to treat heart failure (HF) conditions. This additional prescribing information can increase accuracy, improve patient outcomes and decrease the cost of care, and it comes one year after the organizations started a sponsored research pilot program to develop the high-tech RxCheck platform which is fully-integrated into UCHealth’s electronic health record (EHR).

The program will initially go live in select UCHealth primary care clinics, and goals include:

  • Supporting clinicians in prescribing the best and most current evidence-based medications,
  • Improving the patient-provider experience, and
  • Generating usage data to improve future heart failure treatment

RxCheck is a prescription support solution that integrates seamlessly into current clinician workflows and leverages patient data, claims, formularies, cost data and protocols to provide providers with real-time clinical decision support. “By utilizing our Prescription Decision Support platform, providers can identify and prescribe the right medications the first time, saving time, reducing clinical variability and improving outcomes. UCHealth has been a valued development partner for us, and we’re excited to deliver our PDS platform across UCHealth’s network of hospitals and clinics for heart failure patients,” says RxRevu CEO Carm Huntress about the partnership.

There are 30 or more commonly prescribed medications for heart failure patients, and often, a patient needs a combination of medications to best treat the condition. The RxRevu platform analyzes multiple data fields from the patient’s health record, best practice recommendations and cost to help determine the best course of treatment for the patient.

This is a picture of Dr. Rich Zane, UCHealth chief innovation officer and professor and chair of Emergency Medicine at the CU School of Medicine.
Dr. Rich Zane, UCHealth chief innovation officer and professor and chair of Emergency Medicine at the CU School of Medicine.

“The right drug, for the right patient, the first time,” said Dr. Rich Zane, UCHealth chief innovation officer and professor and chair of Emergency Medicine at the CU School of Medicine. “Having this data at our fingertips is better and easier for providers, better for health insurers and, most importantly, better for patients.”

This program is part of a growing partnership between the two entities, focusing on improving prescribing accuracy for multiple conditions related to cardiology. “It is impossible for a provider to be an expert on every medication for every disease and to immediately prescribe the best option. Using clinical decision support to analyze big data, RxRevu will help improve patient care and safety while reducing wasted medication and lowering cost,” said Robert Harrison, RN, BC-NI and artificial intelligence Ph.D. at UCHealth. Using RxCheck, UCHealth will also accelerate heart failure research.

This project was made possible through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) Early Stage Capital and Retention grant.

 About RxRevu

RxRevu, through its RxCheck platform, provides critical information to clinicians prescribing medications to patients at the point of care. Today, prescribers are making complex purchasing decisions on their patients’ behalf. Key information is missing in the electronic health record system to support evidence-based prescribing. The RxCheck platform from RxRevu leverages real-time Prescription Decision Support (PDS) to optimize prescribing behavior, facilitate prospective prior-authorization and navigate fulfillment choice.

About UCHealth

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Paula Freund is the public relations manager for UCHealth and can be reached at 720.848.5809 or via email.