UCHealth Today is the official news site of UCHealth, a Colorado-based network of nationally recognized hospitals, outpatient clinics and health care providers in the Rocky Mountain region.

UCHealth Today serves as an indispensable, trusted source for breaking medical news — like information about the coronavirus pandemic — along with updates on innovative medical treatments, patient stories and tips for health and wellbeing.

The publication aims to inform and inspire readers with daily stories in five categories:

  • News: Using explanatory journalism to give readers insights on breaking medical news and a better understanding of complex health diagnoses and treatments.
  • Innovative Care: Chronicling medical advances and scientific discoveries, while sifting through research to help readers better understand which treatments offer promise and which lack evidence.
  • Healthy Living: Giving readers tips, recipes and recommendations so they can live healthy lives.
  • Stories: Illuminating the human spirit through stories about extraordinary patients who inspire others as they navigate health challenges.
  • Live Colorado: Encouraging Coloradans to stay active and healthy by giving practical advice on enjoying the outdoors and making the most of cultural offerings in our region.

UCHealth Today relies on a team of health and science journalists.

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