She’s paid to nurse cancer patients back to health; her task, to see those facing a difficult diagnosis through chemotherapy. Charee Martin, who works at Memorial Hospital, sings to her patients. “Being here, you need all the uplifting you can get, and Charee’s the one to do it. It’s really a blessing that we came to this hospital,” says Pat Curran, a cancer patient.

George Fiedler remembers the day in Catholic grade school when he first laid eyes on her, the striking brunette whose wavy locks stood out against her crisp white shirt.”Honestly, she was beautiful,” recalls George, nearly seven decades later. “When I first saw Emilie, I said, ‘My goodness.’ ”

Local artist Karen Khoury – even during her treatment of breast cancer at Memorial Hospital – manages to honor both fine art and motherhood in the minimalist paintings she creates in her studio at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts.