Bone cancer

Primary bone cancer is rare. In the U.S. it accounts for just 0.2 percent of all cancers and it affects roughly 2,400 people each year. Even so, receiving this diagnosis can be unsettling for you or a loved one. Bone cancers can touch anyone at any age. Among adults, chondrosarcoma and myeloma bone cancers are the most common types.

At UCHealth, a caring team of doctors and support professionals from many fields works together to develop the best plan of care for you, and they stay with you from your initial appointment through treatment and aftercare.

Five-year bones and joints cancer survival rates

Chart comparing all stages Bones and joints Cancer UCHealth 60.6% survival rate to Colorado state average of 50.0%

Number of Patients Diagnosed – UCHealth 48 – State of Colorado – 197
Number of Patients Surviving – UCHealth 33 – State of Colorado – 121
*n<30, 5 Year Survival – (Date of diagnosis 1/1/2010–12/31/2014)

Individualized treatment plans to meet your needs

At our bone cancer care clinics across Colorado, you receive doctor-managed care that emphasizes wellness and healing for you as a whole person. Our complementary and integrative medicine specialists, for example, incorporate options such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and exercise consultation into your treatment.

If you need surgery for your bone or soft tissue cancer, you will spend time and energy becoming mobile again. During this recovery period you’ll get help from a variety of UCHealth rehabilitation specialists.