Family Medicine Center (FMC), a service of UCHealth, is located two blocks north of Poudre Valley Hospital  in Fort Collins and offers primary health care for families and people of all ages.

Our services include adult, pediatric, geriatric and obstetric care. The Family Medicine Center team provides medical care for everyone, including community members who might otherwise go without health care. In addition to meeting your medical needs, the Family Medicine Center offers individual, couples and family counseling, as well as lifestyle coaching and biofeedback.

Residency program

The Family Medicine Center serves as a training site for the Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program. Each year, six new graduates are chosen from top medical schools across the country to join our program. They take care of patients at the Family Medicine Center, Poudre Valley Hospital and in rural communities throughout Colorado.

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Poudre Valley Prenatal program

The Poudre Valley Prenatal (PVP) program, based at the Family Medicine Center, provides complete care for low-income women in northern Larimer County before and after their pregnancy. Directing your care at PVP are experienced obstetricians (doctors who specialize in the care of pregnant women and delivering babies).