Make a plan for when life changes yours.

Know where to go for care before you need it.

The best time to figure out your health care is when you’re perfectly healthy. Why? It’s not always totally obvious where to go in different scenarios, and when you’re faced with an issue, you don’t want to be stuck guessing. Trust us, you’ll save time and money if you know your options now, and save your intel for later. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help.

Primary Care and Internal Medicine ($)
Your first stop for a lifetime of coordinated care, primary care starts with an annual physical and can be an option when you’re sick.

24/7 Virtual Urgent Care ($)
Our virtual urgent care is available anywhere in Colorado, anytime. It’s most appropriate when you don’t need a physical examination.

Urgent Care ($$)
Some illnesses and injuries aren’t life-threatening, but they can’t wait for a doctor appointment. You can reserve a time online or come in.

Emergency Care ($$$$)
Our extensive network of hospital and freestanding emergency care provides life-saving help for severe injuries and illnesses that need immediate treatment.

FAQs about health care.

It’s wise to establish care and see a primary care provider when you are well versus trying to schedule your first primary care visit when you are sick. You can get to know them online through star ratings, comments and detailed profiles before selecting a provider.

On top of selecting and booking an appointment with a new primary care provider, you might also wish to see a specialist. Most specialists require a referral from a primary care provider. For example, behavioral health specialists are now integrated into many UCHealth primary care clinics, but a referral from a primary care provider is still necessary to make an appointment.

Bring up your concerns with your primary care provider at your next appointment. When you check in prior to your appointment, you are asked to complete three questions outlining your priorities. Make sure to include your interest in seeing a specialist.

Click here for more tips on finding a doctor you can trust.

Manage all of your health care needs in one place with the app. You can schedule appointments, search for providers or locations, access your medical records, refill prescriptions, get test results and more. All providers within the UCHealth system can access your records through My Health Connection and the UCHealth app and get a comprehensive view of what’s going on with your health. The UCHealth app has even more to offer; learn more here.

Download here.

Cost depends on the type of care you’re receiving and where, and what insurance covers. Annual physicals are covered by most insurance plans, including plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Use the cost estimate tool in the UCHealth app to learn more about costs before a scheduled appointment.

Find care for now and later.

Convenience is the best medicine. As a UCHealth patient you have access to an extended network of locations throughout the Front Range.

Have a family or trying to start one? Learn more about care that grows with you.

Manage it all with the UCHealth app.

Make appointments, get test results, refill prescriptions, message your provider and more in one place. You can also chat with our AI assistant, Livi, and find locations for whatever you are looking for right in the app.