Welcome to the UCHealth Outpatient Pharmacy Service. We are a diverse group of pharmacists and technicians working to provide excellent prescription service to health system patients and all members of our communities. You don’t have to be a patient at a UCHealth facility to get your prescriptions filled at a UCHealth pharmacy.

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What sets UCHealth pharmacies apart from other pharmacies

  • We support multiple convenient locations that are electronically integrated so that you can receive refills at any UCHealth pharmacy.
  • We stock hard-to-find medications including specialty, high-dollar medications.
  • We work closely with physicians and offer consultation services beyond what most pharmacies offer.
  • We provide services designed to help patients gain access to high-dollar specialty drugs along with prescription refill renewals by coordinating care with your physicians.
  • We offer convenient mail service via UPS.
  • 24/7 access to a clinical pharmacist in our Emergency Department pharmacies.

Requesting prescription refills

UCHealth patients can request prescription refills through the My Health Connection website or through the mobile app (see the link to the mobile app at the bottom of the My Health Connection window).

Alternatively, patients can call the pharmacy of their choice and request a refill through the telephone system or by speaking directly to a pharmacy representative.

Requesting prescription transfers

Patients can request a prescription transfer into a UCHealth pharmacy by calling and leaving a message through the phone system or by speaking directly to a pharmacy representative. A UCHealth pharmacist will handle the transfer.

Patients requesting prescription transfers out of a UCHealth pharmacy should ask the new pharmacy to call us directly. It is customary for the pharmacy taking ownership of the prescription(s) to call and request the transfer.

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