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June 3rd, 2020

This post was updated on September 15th, 2020 at 09:28 AM

UCHealth hospitalized cases of confirmed or possible COVID-19 infections.
UCHealth hospitalized cases of confirmed or possible COVID-19 infections.

Check Your Symptoms

Please call the clinic or schedule a Virtual Visit if any of these apply to you:

  • International travel in the last 30 days OR
  • Have been in contact with someone who tested positive for, or had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days OR
  • New cough, fever or shortness of breath in the last 72 hours OR
  • Two or more of these symptoms that are new in the last 72 hours: Chills, muscle aches, severe headache, sore throat, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of smell or loss of taste.

Use this free tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CDC’s COVID-19 Symptom Checker

CDC Videos

6 steps to prevent COVID-19
10 things you can do to manage COVID-19 at home
Prevention for older adults and people at high risk


graphic of COVID-19. Autopsies have shown that COVID-19 patients are especially vulnerable to blood clots forming aggressively in the lungs and researchers are trying to determine if the clot buster tPA may help.

Study tests clot busters on COVID-19 patients

Multi-site trial tests the ability of tPA to clear the lungs and break up blood clots in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

the science of masks. A young woman wears a mask.

Science says: Wear a mask

The research of mask-wearing is evolving, but the case for masks to slow coronavirus spread is strong.

ECMO treatments for COVID-19 helped Barbara Gould survive. Here, she sits in her driveway after arriving home.

Boulder woman survives COVID-19 thanks to artificial lung treatments called ECMO

Barbara Goud got a vicious case of COVID-19. She wasn’t recovering well on a ventilator, then got ECMO treatments to give her lungs a rest.

Moderna vaccine trial in Colorado - 3D images of virus particles that cause COVID-19

Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial set to launch at University of Colorado Hospital

The phase 3 trial of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine candidate for COVID-19 will enroll 1,000 at University of Colorado Hospital, 30,000 nationwide.

Concerns about airborne COVID-19 are increasing. Here, a woman wearing a masks gazes inside an empty restaurant.

COVID-19 and airborne aerosols: What you need to know

Wear masks indoors. Avoid poorly ventilated indoor spaces, especially those where people are singing, speaking loudly or laughing. Open windows and avoid crowds.

Colorado hospitals COVID - doctors teamed up to save lives

Colorado hospital systems teamed up to save lives of COVID-19 patients

After the first known patient with COVID-19 emerged in Colorado on March 5, Colorado hospital systems teamed up to help one another, saving lives.

Research: Understanding the role genetics play in COVID-19, other diseases

Researchers part of a global group sharing and analyzing data to understand the genetic aspects of COVID-19 susceptibility, severity, and outcomes.

Covid-unit nurse getting something out of a drawer. nurses are now giving dexamethasone to some coronavirus patients.

Dexamethasone may or may not be a breakthrough coronavirus treatment

First approved in 1958 when NASA was born and Pan Am flew the first commercial flight across the Atlantic. Will Dexamethasone work for the coronavirus?

Dr. Michelle Barron, the top infectious disease expert in Colorado. Here, she holds her arms up in front of UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital.A fearless protector: Meet the top infectious disease expert in Colorado

This infectious disease expert in Colorado faces the biggest challenge of her career, but does it with her typical sunny attitude and calming demeanor.

women in mask putting out a cafe sign

Employers utilizing return-to-work guidance, resources for reopening safely

This program meets the specific needs of Colorado employers by bringing expertise and resources to design unique strategies to reopen safely.

A stormy scene in the mountains with a ray of light signifying the impact of COVID-19 and suicide in Colorado.

COVID-19 and suicide in Colorado: An uncertain connection

Is there a connection between COVID-19 and suicide in Colorado? Is it possible that greater openness about depression could help cut suicide rates?

Child wearing a mask gets an child immunization during pandemic.

Child immunizations down during pandemic, increasing risk for an outbreak of vaccine-preventable illnesses

UCHealth pediatrician stresses importance of continued child-well visits, scheduled child immunizations during pandemic to prevent other illnesses.

Are hospitals safe? this women shows they are by wiping down outside wheelchairs.

Safety first. Protecting patients at hospitals and clinics during COVID-19

Hospital safety during COVID-19: A few ways UCHealth is ensuring the safety of patients, staff and visitors even as COVID-19 hospitalizations decline.

a large crowd with an opening of just a few in the middle, signifying herd immunity.Heard ‘herd immunity’ is the answer to the coronavirus problem? Not so fast.

Herd immunity requires that enough of the population is immune that the disease can’t keep spreading even if some people remain vulnerable.

A photo of a man doing work in a medical laboratory

High-quality antibody tests and screening for the COVID-19 virus now available to the public in Colorado

UCHealth providers are now offering COVID-19 and antibody tests to the public at facilities along the Front Range and in Steamboat Springs.

is water and swimming safe during COVID pandemic? A man in mask and sunglasses at a swimming pool.

Is it safe to swim during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are pools, lakes and beaches safe this summer?

This summer will be very different. What about drinking water and water sports? You’ve got questions about COVID-19 and the summer of 2020. We’ve got answers.

Remote monitoring allows patients with COVID-19, including a pregnant mom, to recover safely at home

A pregnant mom learned she had COVID-19. She spent time at the hospital, then thanks to remote patient monitoring, she was able to stay safe at home.

antibody tests for COVID-19 in Colorado.Several coronavirus clinical trials, same key questions: ‘Is it safe?’ ‘Does it work?’

Therapies, in the form of clinical trials, for the coronavirus are being put to the test at record pace in Colorado at UCHealth.

lion cubs - virtual safari provides a beautiful distraction during the COVID-19 pandemicMore beautiful distractions to help you cope and keep you smiling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Check out more beautiful distractions to help you cope during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, you can check out animals in Colorado and in Africa.

A nurse draws blood from a man who is seated in his car as part of a new drive-thru lab service in Colorado at UCHealth.

Get your lab work done without having to leave your vehicle

UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado has drive-thru lab services to support the health and safety of patients while maintaining social distancing.

A team at the Anschutz Medical Campus is working to antibody testing in Colorado to detect COVID-19 antibodies.

Colorado team creating ‘farm-to-table’ COVID-19 antibody tests to boost quality and bypass shortages

Scientists at the Anschutz Medical Campus are racing to create a new high-quality antibody test to aid in the fight against COVID-19. But be careful as a positive antibody test may not mean you are immune.

baby in NICU after covid-positive mom gives birth at 35 weeks.

COVID-positive mother gives birth to beautiful, strong preemie

This COVID-positive mom of a NICU baby humbled her health care team with her gratitude and positivity during a hard birth and challenging new times.

Nurse wipes down ventilator

Clinic aims to give surviving COVID-19 patients the post-ICU care they need

Remote patient visits and virtual support groups will be important pieces of the recovery mosaic for COVID post-ICU care.

‘Huge’ milestone: Colorado’s first convalescent plasma recipient leaves ICU after 34 days on a ventilator

Dr. Michael Leonard, the first convalescent plasma recipient at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital, leaves the ICU after 34 days on a ventilator.

machine that takes Julies plasma at work

Donating plasma for COVID patients new push in fight against deadly virus

For 28 years as a nurse, she has helped bring new life into the world. Now, after acquiring COVID-19, she is donating her plasma to help COVID patients.

birth during pandemic - here big sister Harper Kronebusch lays her head on her mom's belly during a checkup

Giving birth during a pandemic: New babies bring joy and hope in quiet hospitals

This pregnancy seemed to be smooth sailing. Then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and the upcoming birth of her second child became a bit scarier.

In war, hurricane or pandemic, Dr. Evalina Burger performs medically necessary surgeries

In recent days, all UCHealth hospitals resumed medically necessary surgeries for people who needed help but had to wait because of COVID-19.

Lori Hopper is anxious to have surgery for lower back pain now that medically necessary surgeries have resumed.

Finally, relief for her back pain as medically necessary surgeries resume at UCHealth hospitals

As medically necessary surgeries resume at UCHealth hospitals across Colorado, Lori Hopper is grateful, relieved and excited.

women with horse, smiling after seeing a gastroenterologist by way of a virtual visit to assure her she needed to go to the hospital.For the love of Cowboy: Virtual Visit helps woman get back to her horse

Seeing a gastroenterologist by way of a virtual visit reasured this woman she needed medical care and calmed her fears of a hospital visit during pandemic.

Two young men demonstrate social distancing, an important component of return to normal models for Colorado.Coronavirus models: what the numbers show in Colorado about how we may ‘return to normal’

Absent big surprises, Colorado residents can expect a long, slow return to the “normal” we knew before COVID-19 based on the models used by experts.

Viewing tulips online as a beautiful distraction during the pandemic

Beautiful distractions during the pandemic: Lift your spirits with good news, funny moments and online adventures

While we cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, performers, artists and kind souls of all sorts are sharing good news, uplifting songs and funny moments.

JBS worker with COVID-19 leaves UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies

JBS worker with COVID-19 goes home after son prayed outside hospital for days

Family and nurses cheered for JBS worker and COVID-19 survivor Sergio Rodriguez when he left the hospital. His son, Rafael, had prayed for days outside.

When will the coronavirus distancing end? It depends.

When will physical (also known as social) distancing end? We are all ready but experts agreed that we still must heed not the heart but the head.

UCHealth specially trained employee uses an electrostatic sprayer as part of an disinfection process so EMS can be safe when responsing to medical emergencies during this pandemic.

Symptoms to never ignore – even during a pandemic

It’s critical to continue to get treatment for medical emergencies during this pandemic. Don’t ignore these symptoms and know that UCHealth EMS is a safe place to turn to for emergency care.

African American COVID=19 survivor Ravi TurmanAfrican American COVID-19 survivor thinks she lived to give others hope

Against the odds, Ravi Turman was the first person in her COVID-19 unit at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital to get off a ventilator. Both Ravi and her team celebrated the milestone and she’s now recovering at home.

Enjoy Extraordinary Human Connections online during the COVID-19 pandemic, including virtual tours or Yellowstone National Park.

Extraordinary Human Connections: Yes, the human spirit will triumph over stay-at-home orders

Need a good laugh or a good cry? Then, you’ve come to the right place. And continue to return for more fun and inspiring ideas in the weeks to come.

Margaret Waggett washes her hands outside a patient's room at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central

Quiet heroes: Hospital housekeepers on the front lines of COVID

Hospital housekeepers who are on the front lines during COVID outbreak show bravery. They are the silent heroes who are ‘manning the post’ and saving lives.

health care workers recieve thanks from local emergency responders in a parade while they stank under the hospital's ambulance bay.

Colorado thanks UCHealth health care workers

From quiet prayers to thundering standing ovations and note of thanks, the wave of support from Colorado is buoying health care workers.

Cancer patients battle threat of COVID-19

Cancer patients battle the treat of COVID-19 but with a weakened immune systems. UCHealth is helping them maintain cancer treatments during the pandemic.

kid howling as part of connecting during covid pandemic

Go ahead and give us your best primal howl

During the COVID pandemic, people are connecting in inventive ways for entertainment, to celebrate life’s special moments and to stay healthy.

Dr. Michael Douglas and his wife, Meg, walk their daughter down the aisle at her wedding. Michael is the first patient in Colorado to have received convalescent plasma to help fight COVID-19.Critically ill Evergreen man first in Colorado to receive ‘convalescent plasma’ to help fight COVID-19

Dr. Michael Douglas is the first person in Colorado to receive convalescent plasma to help fight COVID-19. The donor’s antibodies may help attack the virus.

CeDAR has reopened for detox and inpatient programs to help people with drug and alcohol treatment during the COVID pandemicDetox and inpatient programs reopen at CeDAR during COVID-19 pandemic

Alcohol purchases have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Detox and inpatient programs have reopened at CeDAR to provide drug and alcohol treatment.

women reading COVID-19 FAQ on her tablet.COVID-19 FAQs: Answering your questions about the novel coronavirus

There are many questions about the coronavirus and COVID-19. Here are answers and resources from UCHealth and its experts.

a young man and a woman vaping, and the coronavirus makes this more risky.Vaping and the coronavirus do not mix

Anything that causes lung inflammation is going to be really bad in a setting of coronavirus. Learn why vaping and the coronavirus do not mix.

virtual visit now available for primary care and specialistsYour regular doctor and specialists can now care for you at home through ‘Virtual Visit’

Patients can now do Virtual Visits with their primary care doctors and specialists. Keep seeing your regular doctors while staying safe from coronavirus.

a person lathering up with soap shows why soap works better than hand sanitizer to remove the coronavirusWhy soap and water work better than hand sanitizer to remove the coronavirus

Both soap and hand sanitizer neutralize the coronavirus, but soap and water work better because soap disrupts sticky bonds so the coronavirus slides off.

nurse wheels in a ventilator for treatment of COVID-19 patient with ARDS.ICUs work to stem tide of COVID-related ARDS patients

In many cases, the battle against COVID-19 in ICUs is centered on a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. And nearly all these patients require ventilator support.

Claudia, Ernesto and 18-month Camila. Photo courtesy of Ernesto Castro.Grateful to be alive: Ernesto Castro lives to tell his story about surviving COVID-19

It started with a runny nose and then his condition deteriorated rapidly. After 10 days in the hospital, he went home to be with family.

Older woman does a video call for story about helping older adults use video callingHow to help older adults use video calling to stay connected, combat loneliness

Isolation is tough for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. For older adults, it’s devastating. Help older adults use video calling to stay connected.

medications on a table to represent coronavirus drugsA rundown of coronavirus drugs for home and hospital

There’s no proven cure or treatment for COVID-19. Some drugs may help; chloroquine, the antimalarial medication, may or may not.

Crowd of people as a way to demonstrate that coronavirus math shows how fast coronavirus is spreading.

Physical distancing – based on math – is a vital step to fighting the pandemic

As the coronavirus cases grow, what may seem like extreme measures are not. Without our immediate cooperation, sick people will easily overwhelm hospitals in Colorado.

COVID-19 research in Colorado aims to solve mysteries about the deadly illnessCOVID-19 research in Colorado: Scientists, doctors race to solve coronavirus mysteries

Colorado COVID-19 researchers are assembling a biorepository to better understand why the disease attacks some people and not others. Plus clinical trials aim to test therapies that might help fight COVID-19.

woman reading to a child in bed, one way in talking to children about coronavirus.How to talk to your children about the coronavirus

With the constant media chatter, schools closed, and playdates and museum visits canceled, talking to children about the coronavirus can be hard.

A person walking alone. In order to change the coronavirus math, we must practice physical distancing.

Dr. Richard Zane: Lives are on the line. Please, everyone, practice social distancing.

A straightforward message: Stay 6 feet away from others and wash your hands. Self-quarantine if you have symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.

women taking zinc, which does help with some coronaviruses and could with COVID-19.Coronavirus: To zinc or not to zinc?

Zinc is no coronavirus magic bullet, but it could help. Studies have shown zinc lozenges to be effective in shortening the misery phase of the common cold.

Woman hugs her cat, which as long as you are not sick with COVID-19 is ok for pet owners to do.COVID-19 and Pets: What you should know

People who are not ill with COVID-19 do not have to isolate themselves from their pets, but they should continue to practice good hygiene. Learn what the experts have to say.

Home sick with coronavirusYou think you have COVID-19? What should you do?

Staying at home is the best treatment unless you are seriously ill. Isolate yourself from others, even in your home. Get fluids and rest and call your doctor if you get seriously ill.

woman disinfecting coronavirus by wiping down countertops in the kitchen.
The ins and outs of disinfecting coronavirus

We’re typically better at cleaning than disinfecting. That must change now with the coronavirus. Here’s a quick primer on household disinfection.

a photo of blood with coronvirus on the labelViruses 101: Why the new coronavirus is so contagious and how we can fight it?

Learn why the new coronavirus is so contagious. Is a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 coming? And will summer make a difference?

People who work in other people's homes, like plumbers, should be wary of sick people.Staying safe from the coronavirus when you work in other people’s homes

For plumbers, repair people and cable service technicians, staying safe means asking questions. Call ahead. Don’t work in a home where someone is sick. Collect payments remotely and use the customer’s sink and soap.

to people stand six feet apart pretending to give each other high five, demonstrating what is social distancing.What exactly is ‘social distancing?’ Hint: You are allowed to go outside.

In order to prevent the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus, public health experts are now advising people in many parts of the country to practice “social distancing.”

Novel coronavirus outbreak in Colorado’s ski communities ‘very serious,’ UCHealth expert warns

Residents and visitors to Colorado mountain resort areas should take precautions immediately as Colorado’s governor also orders the closure of theaters, clubs and gyms while restaurants halt dine-in service.

couple riding bike as getting exercise and being outdoors is on the list of ideas for social distancing.Six healthy things you can do to take the edge off social distancing

Social distancing is, for now, the best tool we as a civilization have to prevent the spread of coronavirus and “flatten the curve” to keep the numbers of severe cases down.

A photo of Coors Field, an symbol of me appreciating our American way of life.
Essay: Appreciating our American way of life

We’re in this together. When life returns to normal, I know we’ll all have fresh appreciation for the words from our Declaration of Independence.

ethnic person washing hands, one way to help stop spread of COVID-19 symptoms.What you should know about COVID-19, coronavirus

Don’t panic. UCHealth continues to monitor COVID-19. Here are some answers to questions.

Virtual urgent care is available for people in Colorado.Concerned about coronavirus? Virtual Urgent Care provides safe, affordable, 24/7 option to get care.

Medical providers can help you figure out if you need to be tested for coronavirus through secure, online visits. UCHealth’s Virtual Urgent Care is open to anyone in Colorado, even those who don’t have insurance.

Travel plans and coronavirus - What should you do? A woman walks with her suitcase at an aiprort.Your travel plans and coronavirus. What should you do?

So, you have a trip planned to Italy, you’ve booked a cruise or you’re hoping to take in some of the events at the summer Olympics in Japan. Now that COVID-19 is spreading around the globe, what you should you do?

women hands older adult a bag of food.Older adults advised to ‘stay home as much as possible’ during coronavirus outbreak

Early research shows that older adults are twice as likely to have serious complications if they get the new coronavirus, also called COVID-19 illness. Learn what you need to know.

coronavirus is causing anxiety for many - how to handle itCoronavirus anxiety: Why the outbreak feeds worries and five simple ways to reduce anxiety?

Psychologist Justin Ross said it’s no surprise that mass anxiety and panicky behavior are spreading. But there are simple steps that can help tame coronavirus anxiety.

How to prepare your child for a new baby: pregnant mom plays with daughterPregnancy and coronavirus: Experts advise precautions

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to viral respiratory infections like the new coronavirus or COVID-19 and need to take precautions during pregnancy.

hand washing helps prevent coronavirus or fluStaying safe from COVID-19 in the U.S.: Wash hands and skip masks; Chinese food, markets are safe

While there’s much about COVID-19 that health officials don’t know yet, a UCHealth expert in infectious diseases sets the record straight on commonly asked questions.

women wears medical masks to keep safe during this new coronavirus outbreak.Increased screening aims to prevent coronavirus outbreaks in the U.S.

UCHealth has increased its screenings, as have government officials. Experts in infectious disease and your health care providers are working hard to keep you safe.

The latest from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC is updating information about COVID-19 on its website.

The latest from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Patients who have general questions can call the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at CO-Help at 303.389.1967 or 1.877.462.2911 or email Answers are available in English and Spanish (Español), Mandarin and more.


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