There are many conditions and problems that can put your limbs at risk such as infections, tumors and trauma. University of Colorado Hospital’s Limb Restoration program is a one-stop destination — providing comprehensive services for patients. Through multidisciplinary collaboration of several specialty services to diagnose and treat these challenging cases, our team is dedicated to restoring limb(s) and returning them to function.

Our multidisciplinary Limb Restoration team meets every week to review and consult on all cases, ensuring collaboration on the best treatment plan for each individual. To facilitate timely response and coordination of care, we have a full-time Limb Restoration Program Care Concierge on staff to answer calls, arrange for consultations, and schedule appointments, evaluations and follow-up. Our Care Concierge is a Nurse Practitioner specifically trained in multidisciplinary care of these patients.

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Conditions we treat

  • post traumatic reconstruction
  • infected fractures
  • limb restoration
  • limb salvage
  • limb length discrepancy
  • amputation prosthesis
  • amputee surgery
  • amputation
  • bone infection
  • bone tumor
  • chronic bone infection
  • chronic osteomyelitis
  • chronic wounds
  • congenital bone disease


  • congenital deformity
  • crooked bones
  • diabetic foot ulcer
  • improperly healed bones
  • malunion
  • nonunion
  • osteomyelitis
  • osteosarcoma
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • critical limb ischemia
  • poor bone healing
  • poor wound healing
  • sarcoma
  • soft tissue tumor