A CU Medicine provider.

I strive to provide the best care for my patients. I am dedicated to understanding the needs of my patients, determining the safest and most effective treatment for each individual, and working together to accomplish a desired goal. My philosophy of care is a commitment to my patients and their families to deliver the utmost quality of care supported by the highest order of compassion, innovation, science, and technology.

My interests include care and treatment of shoulder and elbow conditions and injuries


Monday: 7am - 5pm
Tuesday: 7am - 5pm
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Thursday: 7am - 5pm
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Saturday: Closed
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Monday: 8am - 5pm
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Qualifications and experience

Orthopedics, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Arthritis, Bones, Joints and Muscles, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Fractures, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Shoulder Injuries and Disorders, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Sprains and Strains
Languages spoken
University of Texas–Austin (TX) (2008)

Maryville University (2019)

Clinical interest for patients

I am a national board-certified nurse practitioner for the Department of Orthopedics with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. My clinical interests include the treatment of shoulder and elbow problems. As a former operating room nurse and registered nurse first assistant, I have experience in caring for patients throughout all phases of their surgical journey.

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