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UCHealth Radiation Oncology – Harmony Campus, a service of UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital, provides specialized radiation oncology services in your neighborhood, close to your home.

Poudre Valley Hospital’s Department of Radiation Oncology, located on the Harmony Campus in Fort Collins, is a key part of our cancer treatment services.

Radiation treatments use cutting-edge technology to treat cancer using machines called linear accelerators. Our newest machine and the first in Colorado, the TrueBeam STx, offers treatment that has pinpoint accuracy. This new machine allows our treatment team to not only continue to offer high quality care and treatment but improve upon this treatment.

In 2015 we became the first and only center in Colorado with the Varian PerfectPitch 6 degrees of freedom (6D) robotic treatment couch that enables our treatment team to localize tumors with a level of accuracy that is unparalleled.

A linear accelerator delivers ionizing radiation beams to the body. Ionizing radiation is made of high energy waves that damage cancer cells and destroy their ability to grow.

Targeted radiation shrinks tumors of all shapes and sizes. The treatment is designed to get rid of the cancer without harming nearby healthy tissue.

Under the leadership of Joshua Petit, MD, our team provides innovative cancer care options with a focus on patient comfort and shared treatment goals.

Radiation treatments

TrueBeam STx

We’re proud to offer patients innovative cancer treatment with Colorado’s first TrueBeam STx. 

The TrueBeam STx can be used to treat virtually any type of cancer in any location on the body. The ultra-precise technology can treat more complex and more advanced cancers than older linear accelerator technologies.

A complex radiosurgery that typically takes 30 to 60 minutes can be completed in just 5 to 20 minutes with the TrueBeam STx.

The TrueBeam STx pinpoints radiation beam delivery with sub-millimeter accuracy, making it possible to radiate brain and other complex tumors without destroying nearby healthy tissue.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)

Our breast cancer team at Poudre Valley Hospital was the first in the Rocky Mountain region to perform a new procedure, called intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), that will fundamentally improve the experiences of patients undergoing breast cancer therapy.

Dr. Joshua Petit, Medical Director of the Radiation Oncology program, and his surgical colleagues completed the first IORT procedure for breast cancer in 2011 using the new Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy System.

Here’s why this new procedure steps ahead of the current methods of treating breast cancer.

Historically, breast cancer patients have undergone lumpectomy (removal of the tumor), followed by six weeks of daily radiation therapy using external beams from a linear accelerator that provides radiation to eradicate cancerous cells that may have been left behind after the surgery. Studies have confirmed for decades that radiation therapy significantly reduces the risk of cancer recurrence, and so this has remained the standard of care.

However, the frequent application of radiation therapy can have a significant impact on the lifestyle, emotions and physical health of a patient. It means patients must make frequent journeys into a medical office when, perhaps, what they really want to do instead is remain home and rest.

In the IORT procedure, the surgeon removes the tumor and then secures a special balloon device in the surgical cavity while the patient is still asleep on the operating room table.

Any woman choosing lumpectomy may be now a candidate for IORT. Dr. Petit recommends that women consult their physician about this treatment option.