The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic at University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver is the premier program in the region dedicated to caring for adults with congenital heart disease.

  • Our care team follows more than 1000 patients.
  • We offer the most advanced testing and treatment options.
  • In combination with our leading research efforts, we provide patients the best heart care to live the fullest lives possible.

Our partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado also makes it easy for children with a congenital heart defect to receive consistent care when they become adults.

About your appointment

What to bring:

  • Your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state or military ID are acceptable)
  • Your insurance card or the name of your carrier; the plan, policy or group number; and the phone number of the insurance company. If covered by a spouse’s policy, know your spouse’s date of birth and Social Security number
  • A referral form or number if required by your insurance carrier
  • Previous medical records. You also can arrange to have them transferred prior to your scheduled appointment time
  • Name, address and phone number of the referring physician (if relevant)
  • List of current medications