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Young Women's Breast Cancer Translational Program

Breast cancer in women ages 18 to 49, including pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC), is often more aggressive than breast cancer in other women. In the United States and around the world, the incidence of young women’s breast cancer and PABC is on the rise, which may be due to cultural shifts regarding childbearing choices.

Translating basic science into effective treatment

The expert researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, a close UCHealth affiliate, help convert the findings of basic science into the effective treatments and services that can improve awareness, prevention, treatment, and aftercare for young women’s breast cancer. Dedicated and determined teams of translational researchers lead the global effort to understand this disease.

The Young Women’s Breast Cancer Translational Program (YWBCTP) is one of just a few programs in the country focused solely on the unique problems of this condition.

Services & treatments we provide

As someone experiencing this significant condition, you can rely on us for guidance and treatment that helps you face its challenges while getting the best care available. At UCHealth and the CU Cancer Center, you benefit from:

  • Comprehensive consultations – Your initial visit brings together physicians and support specialists from several specialties, which helps minimize stress and reduces the time needed for thorough evaluation and recommendations.
  • Nurse navigation – Our dedicated breast cancer nurse navigator serves as your medical advocate and helps you get through all steps of the process from diagnosis and treatment to aftercare and survivorship.
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging – You have access to the most advanced and minimally invasive breast imaging technology used for diagnosis, including digital mammography and breast MRI.
  • Advanced therapy for pregnancy-associated breast cancer – If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy, we offer the latest treatments that deliver excellent outcomes for you while maintaining safety for your developing baby.
  • Customized treatment plans – Your treatment plan and support services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our social workers appreciate the unique challenges of young women’s breast cancer and provide helpful resources for your significant others and children.
  • Team-based treatment – You and your primary care providers become part of our comprehensive team of medical professionals dedicated to your care and treatment. We regularly collaborate with colleagues in OB-GYN, hereditary cancer, gynecologic oncology, infertility, reproductive medicine, and integrative medicine to deliver the care you need.
  • Counseling – You’ll learn what you can do for yourself while managing the rigors of treatment and coping with the emotional ups and downs you may experience.
  • Survivorship Clinic – As you end the active phase of therapy, you can access consultations and resources to help you take the next steps into your future.

Advanced research & clinical trials

Our Young Women’s Breast Cancer Translational Research team focuses on identifying why young women’s breast cancer and pregnancy-associated breast cancer are more aggressive than other breast cancers. That means you have access to an extensive range of ongoing clinical trials for breast cancer therapies at all stages of diagnosis and treatment.

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