What is the Health Heroes program?

Healthy Kids Club Dos Rios HeroesThe 5210 Health Heroes program is a free program sponsored by Healthy Kids Club.

The goal of the program is to recognize students and staff for being healthy role models and practicing the 5210 healthy habits.

It’s a great way to build visibility and momentum for 5210 prior to the 5210 Challenge in February!

How it works

  • Each month, students and staff can nominate other students and staff to be recognized as a 5210 Health Hero.
  • Your school wellness team will review the nominations each month and will select up to 4 students/staff to be recognized. Winning nominees will receive a Health Heroes t-shirt, backpack light and recognition certificate.
  • Winners will complete a “What I Do To Stay Healthy” form which can be displayed with their picture on a designated bulletin board/wall for all to see!

Contact Laurie Zenner, laurie.zenner@uchealth.org, for more information.