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At 20 weeks pregnant, Nicole was told her baby girl had spina bifida.

One in 5,000 have the disease HHT and don't know it

UCHealth's cardiovascular program on pace to be largest in state

A mammogram is an excellent tool for finding breast cancer, particularly in women age 50 and over. Breast cancer is accurately diagnosed through mammography in about 78 percent of all women tested, while diagnostic accuracy rises to about 83 percent for women over 50. Today’s greatly improved mammograms can usually detect breast abnormalities before they can be felt in a breast exam.

New expert specializes trauma and acute-care surgeries

Express Lab offers a broad range of lab services, including testing offered through the Aspen Club and Direct Access Testing

A rare, deadly case of plague in Colorado has revived concerns about the disease

If you or a loved one are dealing with cancer, an oncologist, or cancer doctor, likely will play a pivotal role in your cancer care. You might wonder, just what is an oncologist? What kind of training have they had?

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