Pituitary tumor detection and staging

Because no two people develop pituitary tumors in the same way, we offer a wide array of resources to properly evaluate your situation—and we use that information to create a personalized plan to fit your specific needs.

Detection and staging tests for pituitary tumors

Once a cancer has been diagnosed, our specialists need to know where it may have spread. This is the “stage” of the cancer. The lower the number, the less it has spread. Knowing the stage allows your medical team to determine the best possible treatment plan for you.

Any combination of these tests and procedures may be used to find and classify (stage) pituitary tumors:

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Uses a magnetic field instead of X-rays to create detailed images of body structures and show the differences between normal and diseased tissues.
  • Blood test. Analyzes a sample of blood to evaluate hormone levels.

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