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Healthy Kids Club


UCHealth's Healthy Kids Club promotes health and wellness to kids in northern Colorado elementary schools.



Schools on the Move - 5210

Take the Challenge! Feb. 1 - Feb. 29th



Healthy Kids Club programs and resources

Since its founding in 1998, Kids Club has served thousands of elementary-age children with programs that emphasize health, exercise, safety and fun. 

Healthy Kids Club partners with schools and agencies that serve youth in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and surrounding communities to provide year-round health and fitness activities and programs.

Healthy Kids Club Goals

  1. To work in partnership with schools and community organizations to increase opportunities for physical activity, health education and good nutrition.
  2. To increase the percentage of youth who engage in regular physical activity.
  3. To improve lives by offering programs that encourage physical activity and healthy habits for a lifetime.

Contact Healthy Kids Club

Contact Laurie Zenner or 970-495-7511

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