Today can be the day to stop smoking

Tips to start living a healthier life
May 24, 2022

One of the single best things you can do for your health is quit smoking. UCHealth offers a number of smoking cessation programs. Click here to learn more.

You can also ask your primary care physician for help and ideas to quit smoking. To schedule an appointment, click here. Here’s some advice on how to get started:

  1. Set a quit date. Today is a great day to start.
  2. Tell your family and friends you plan to quit. It’s important to tell those you love that you plan to quit – they can help you by providing moral support.
  3. Anticipate and plan for challenges. The urge to smoke is short—usually only 3 to 5 minutes. Healthy coping choices to get you through:
    • Drinking water
    • Taking a walk or climbing the stairs
    • Listening to a favorite song or playing a game
    • Calling or texting a friend
  4. Remove cigarettes and other tobacco from your home, car and workplace. Get rid of everything – old cigarette odors can cause cravings.
  5. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about quit options. Nicotine patches, gum, or other approved quit medicines may help with cravings.

*Source Centers for Disease Control and Prevention