Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of preventable death in Colorado and in the country. Among the many health risks of any tobacco use are cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, and blood clots.

UCHealth providers know well that stopping smoking can be a very tough challenge. Only about four percent of smokers are able to quit smoking without assistance.

Helping smokers kick the habit

UCHealth offers a number of smoking cessation resources to the communities we serve, including smoking cessation classes, support groups, and nicotine treatments—all aimed at helping interested individuals stop using tobacco and start a living a healthier life.

Quit smoking programs

The DIMENSIONS at University of Colorado Hospital

This program includes a six-week open group that provides emotional, informational, and social support for tobacco reduction and cessation. The group meets weekly and covers such topics as stress management, wellness, and behavior change techniques. Group discussion and activities are incorporated into the weekly meetings. This program is provided courtesy of University of Colorado Hospital and the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program (part of the CU Medical School on the Anschutz Medical Campus).

Kick the Habit at Memorial Hospital

This six-week evening program helps individuals stop smoking by providing information, modifying behavior, and demonstrating effective coping techniques to eliminate tobacco, in any form, and thereby improve quantity and quality of life. The first class is offered free of charge. Individuals receive information concerning the risks of smoking, benefits of quitting, and details of what is covered in this comprehensive education program that will enable them to quit for good.

For more information, call HealthLink at 719-444-CARE (2273).

In northern Colorado:

Call 970-495-8151 for smoking cessation information.

Smoking cessation treatments

We offer several treatments that can help you stop smoking, including:

  • Nicorette® – a nicotine gum that helps reduce the symptoms of withdrawal from quitting smoking
  • Zyban® – a non-nicotine tablet that reduces the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal
  • Nicotine skin patches – patches that help wean smokers off of nicotine

Learn more about smoking and find resources for quitting at our online Health Library.

Get information on respiratory and lung care services at UCHealth.