Mountain bike stretches

January 24th, 2016

Stretching is a key part of any sport. Prepare yourself for your ride with a series of mountain bike stretches. Not only does stretching help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, it also helps to prevent injury. Use these tips from Dr. Jonathan Bravman to help get you ready to ride

Dynamic stretching helps limber up your muscles for your ride. Follow these stretches before hitting the trail:

  • Forward/Backward Lunge with trunk rotation to stretch out your hip flexors
  • Ankle Grabs to loosen up your quads
  • Hacky Sack Stretches for sartorius activation and piriformis stretch
  • Inchworms to work hamstrings, calf stretch and core strength
  • Toe/Heel Walks for ankle stretching
  • Ankle Cross Lean for IT band and abductor stretching
  • Foam Roller: thoracic spine extension, pectoralis stretch (snow angel or goal post pose), IT band, quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, abductors and piriformis

Once you’re limber and your muscles are warm, you’re ready to ride.