Memorial Hospital adds new cardiac exam rooms in north Colorado Springs

Cardiac services rapidly expanding in northern El Paso and southern Douglas counties
Jan. 6, 2016

A new clinic expansion offered by UCHealth near Memorial Hospital North will do your heart good. Literally.

Sixteen new cardio exam rooms have been opened at the North Medical Office Building, 4110 Briargate Parkway, suite 400, on the MHN campus.

“Our services on the North campus are rapidly growing to include, from a cardiac perspective, increased cardiac testing capability and a new cath lab,” said Hilary Hoekenga, director of operations for UCHealth Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Orthopedic Trauma. “We now have four cardiologists up on the North campus at all times. This is the new clinic space for patient’s office visits.”

The new clinic has 16 exam rooms and four provider offices. All cardiac testing still is done at the hospital.

Dr. David Rosenbaum, one of four cardiologists who practice in northern Colorado Springs, walks into Memorial Hospital North. Memorial’s cardiac services have rapidly grown in northern Colorado Springs.
“We will also have cardiac research capability in the practice soon,” she said.

This practice has been part of the system since 2012, and this is an expansion from a smaller, six-exam room office, she said.

The physicians who will practice there will include: Drs. Jorge Davalos, Janice Huang, Russell Linsky and David Rosenbaum. The advanced practice providers, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are: Cindy Como, Julie Sack, Heather Mazzolla and Sarah Kapral.

There also will be multiple RNs, medical assistants, front office and medical records staff.

The planning phase included a consultation with those who will be using the facility.

“There was an innovative design process for this space,” Hoekenga said.  “We used a process where a group of staff, physicians and others met with the architects and building owners for two days in the shelled space.

“We determined what our priorities were for building out the space (line of sight, cohesive patient flow) and then spent the time drawing our ideal space.”

Dr. David Rosenbaum in Memorial’s new cardiac catheterization lab at Memorial Hospital North.

Then the architects took those drawings and priorities and designed the space using that input.

“There are several signs of this in the space, such as sliding glass doors on the providers offices so that they can see out into the clinic, clinical staff stations with direct line of sight to banks of exam rooms, and a window near the front desk so the checkout staff can see what’s going on at the front desk,” she said.

What is the advantage to Colorado Springs patients in having these new exam rooms at the north campus?

“This provides care for patients in the communities that they live in,” she said. “We are closer, more convenient and it is easy parking. In addition to this clinic, we also see patients in Monument and in other Primary Care Practices throughout the city. This ensures that we are nearby and available when patients need us.”

It also makes it easier to provide speedy and efficient attention to patients.

“Our new clinic is laid out to have optimal patient flow, as well as provide enough room for providers to care for a large number of patients on any given day,” she said.

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