Couch to Fit – How to start programmed fitness routines

May 16, 2017

Are you curious about how to start a programmed fitness routine? Watch Dr. Armando Vidal as he guides you through what to expect and how to prepare to join a fitness program.

Main things to consider when getting started in programmed fitness routines:

1. Select a coach and a gym. Look up gyms in your areas and stop by 3 or 4 that appeal to you. Speak with the coach and ask any questions you have.

2. Look for an instructor with a reputable certification such as CSCS certification by NSCA, a USWA certification, or a history of competitive lifting.

3. Assess your ability. Take into account any previous injuries you may have sustained and take time to build a base in order to avoid injury.

4. Rest and nutrition are very important in any fitness regimen. Eating and sleeping properly will allow you to exercise effectively.

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