Adult wellness

Health screenings for employees

The UCHealth Healthy Hearts team offers customizable on-site health screenings to promote adult wellness for your employees. For inquiries, please email [email protected], or call 970.624.1680.

On-site biometric screenings

The UCHealth Healthy Hearts team offers customizable, on-site health screenings to promote adult wellness for your employees.

The biometric screenings are on-site and include:

  • Lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides).
  • Blood glucose.
  • Blood pressure.
  • BMI and waist circumference.
  • Personalized heart, stroke and diabetes risk assessments.

Benefits to your company

  • Multi-day on-site screenings available.
  • Convenient for employees to increase participation.
  • Reduce employees’ medical costs and missed work.
  • Identify current health risks within your organization and provide early intervention of chronic conditions.
  • Customizable aggregate reports.

Benefits to your employees

  • You stay with the same health screener through the entire screening.
    • We don’t believe in “herding” you station to station.
    • Allows you to feel more comfortable to ask questions regarding your screening results and health that can lead to better lifestyle choices.
  • Less painful and time consuming than a traditional blood draw.
  • Results can be uploaded into Epic (patient medical records) for you and your health care provider to view.
  • Receive referral to Lifestyle Health or other services.

Results and testimonials

The assessments and screening can reduce healthcare costs by decreasing the number of medical claims for preventable diseases. This can also decrease employee absenteeism which, in turn, increases productivity. 73% of those who participated in their workplace adult wellness program stated that it was effective in improving the health of the employees. In addition, 52% responded that offering adult wellness programs is effective in reducing the health care costs of their workplace (2014 Alere).

Here’s what companies have said about working with Healthy Hearts:

  • “Your staff was prompt, respectful, pleasant, efficient and informative and our members appreciated the convenience and speed with which their screening occurred.  It was just an overall perfect experience.” (Woodward Governor)
  • “Your organization of the event along with the resourcefulness of your staff was priceless from an administrative viewpoint.  Thank you for making this event so flawless.” (Woodward Governor)
  • “I was immensely impressed!! They were here promptly at 6:30 am and set up quickly and were ready to go ahead of time. They brought excellent patient education materials. They treated our employees with respect, compassion, friendliness professionalism and care. They did patient education about cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke awareness and diabetes and with only a finger stick and results in about 10 minutes. They appropriately referred employees back to me or to their Primary Care Physician, if indicated. They cleaned up after themselves when they were completed. I cannot say enough about how glad I am we partnered with Healthy Hearts. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for wellness screening and patient education.”  (Dion, Senior Occupational Health Nurse at State Farm)
  • “Healthy Hearts offers high quality screenings with the best customer experience and satisfaction from a partner we have seen yet at PSD. They are professional and passionate about what they do and provide a high level of care to every age group.” (Ashley, PSD)


  • Healthy Hearts received a $5,000 grant from WISH to provide adult biometric screenings for Thompson School District staff and their families.
  • WISH is a giving circle formed by a group of local women, working with Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies Foundation, to educate, empower and inspire women philanthropists by supporting the health needs of our community through UCHealth programs, partnerships and services provided in Larimer County.