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Qualifications and experience

Clinical Pharmacology
Languages spoken
University of California (San Francisco) School of Medicine Program

Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Program

Medical School
Harvard Medical School (1969)

Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Program

Harvard University (MA)

Clinical interest for patients

I am interested in Parkinson's Disease and Neuropharmacology.

Research interest for patients

Research in my laboratory has focused on improving treatments for Parkinson's disease. In 1988, we performed the first transplant of dopamine-producing brain cells into an American patient with Parkinson's. We have done more brain cell transplants than any other group. While the transplanted cells can replace the need to take drugs like L-DOPA, they do not stop the relentless progression of the underlying disease. In 2006, we began the search for a drug to stop Parkinson’s and have found phenylbutyrate. In animal testing, phenylbutyrate can prevent Parkinson’s from advancing. We are now testing phenylbutyrate in patients and should know in the next few years if it is able to stop the progression of Parkinson's disease in people.

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