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Your safety is our top priority while providing you with the highest level of care.

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William E Miller, MD, FACC
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Mark B Douthit, MD, FACC
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Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery

Milton Glatterer, MD
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Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery

Chris Cribari, MD
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Chad L Stoltz, MD
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Interventional Cardiology

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Treating each patient with the highest level of vascular care.

Our vascular and aortic clinic is staffed by an experienced team of cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, interventional vascular cardiologists, interventional vascular radiologists and a registered nurse who is the vascular clinic coordinator. We offer the highest level of vascular care in the region.

Employing evidence-based practice

We provide an interdisciplinary approach that integrates clinical expertise, research evidence and the patient’s values into each care plan.  We often ensure that patients are evaluated by more than one specialist so that they receive the most comprehensive diagnosis and care possible. In fact, we frequently consult with specialists from rheumatology, nephrology, hematology and wound care to ensure that we fully meet the needs of each patient.  Minimally invasive techniques are performed when possible to reduce trauma to the patient and help speed recovery and wellness.