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Healthy Hearts in Northern Colorado

"We look at Healthy Hearts as an integral part of our science education. It is an excellent, informative program;  the kids love it and learn healthy life style choices. Thank you again for letting us be part of this experience."
-Teacher, Bauder Elementary, Fort Collins

Healthy Hearts is an outreach heart health screening and preventive education program offered to adults* and elementary and high school students in northern Colorado.

Healthy Hearts for Healthy Families flier
Healthy Hearts Family Intervention program

Thanks to a $154,320 grant to the PVHS Foundation from AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation's Connections for Cardiovascular Health SM program, we have started a Healthy Hearts Family Intervention to help kids and families learn more about keeping their hearts healthy.


For more information, please contact NaNet 970-624-5298, email or click here for the flier.

Healthy Hearts purpose

Our purpose is twofold: first and foremost, it is to educate students and their families about cardiac health and heart disease and to promote heart-healthy lifestyles; second, it is to provide cardiovascular health screenings.

These screenings:

A) allow for the educational component of Healthy Hearts to become personally applicable to students and their families.

B) identify children with elevated blood pressure and/ or cholesterol which creates an opportunity for early intervention and motivation to develop heart-healthy lifestyles now, before their cardiac health has been compromised and years of unhealthy lifestyle habits have been established.

Changing the health of our community

  • Healthy Hearts provides cardiovascular health screening and lifestyle counseling to adults in partnership with University of Colorado Health's Aspen Club.
  • Participates in local and community events such as Colorado Children's Day, Kid's Expo, and 9Health Fairs, educating participants on the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Conducts screenings to identify cardiovascular risks among elementary and high school students in Poudre, Thompson, Park, Windsor, Eaton, Johnstown/Milliken, Ault, and Greeley school districts.
  • Performs adult screenings including cardiovascular disease and stroke risk assessments, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol measurements.
  • As part of the Community Stroke Prevention Team, Healthy Hearts works to advance stroke education, awareness, risk reduction and referral protocols.
  • Work with local school districts to advocate, promote, and advance school wellness.

2012 study: Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Children in a 20 year Community Study: Influence of the Family

Contact Us

For more information about Healthy Hearts, please call 970-624-1680 or E-mail

*Our adult screenings are for adults outside of Fort Collins. The Health District handles cholesterol screenings for adults in Fort Collins.

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